Tuesday, February 22nd

Day 22

neon alphabet soup

The relentless cold weather is starting to get me down so I am preventing the winter blues with neon! Neon always pumps me up but I’m even more excited about discovering stone barn farms. I was researching day trips out of the city last night and discovered this great non profit organic farm 45 minutes out of NYC. Their mission is to change the way we eat, teaching about sustainable farming and sustainable eating. As soon as the weather warms a few degrees I’m going to hop on a train to tour the farm and take a class on container gardening to get me started on this summers roof garden. Necklace made by Meredith Schaffer.

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I really like seeing you in bright colors. Last week. Enjoy

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neon power to the power of thousand!

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I really love this jacket, wish it was mine!

ps: why you don’t ever talk about things that happen in the world? People are suffering and when i read your messages everyday I feel like you’re in some kind of bubble floating above all that. I know your support goes to your cause, but i would like to see a little bit more touch with the world-happening (and ofcourse i’m talking about the problems in egypt, lybia, bahrein etc) … Thanks 🙂

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The suffering happening all over the world is devastating, but if you think of this project as a research paper/article with the thesis/headline being: “A woman in NY who owns her own clothing line believes that local impoverished children need to be educated about and fed nutritious foods is raising money by letting others glimpse her life.” It is not so crazy that these world issues don’t come up. One cause at a time, maybe the next girl will be raising funds for an international cause

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Just want to weigh in and say I think the cause you picked is a good one. A cause doesn’t necessarily need to be international in scope to be a worthy one. And kudos for facing us on this site everyday. I bet it’s not easy, but you’re doing a great job of handling it with style and finesse. Keep being awesome!

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