Sunday, February 20th

Day 20

Ice Cream Sundae Brunch

Sunny Sunday brunch with waffle ice cream sundaes! Finally a day off to enjoy the parts of life Ive been missing…..sunny, Sunday, sundae waffle brunch with my amazing friend Rebbecca. I know what your thinking….I’m raising money for city harvest to provide nutritional education to children and in my free time I’m scarfing waffles and ice cream. With some nutritional insight and smart choices you can make this dreamy breakfast pretty healthy! These waffles are gluten and grain free. Instead of wheat flour they are made using mostly garbanzo flour which is high in protein, potassium and fiber. Instead of buttermilk we used yogurt which is low fat and full of healthy bacteria. And then we put sorbet on top! Did you know that ice cream has one of the highest glycemic indexes which keep you satiated and stable instead of crashing shortly after eating.

To match this precious breakfast I am wearing a hand painted silk scarf from the 50’s, a great score from the Brooklyn Flea.



lovely outfit!

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This look? I like it.

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Sarah tagged this nutritional smartie pants

Oops, I meant ice cream has a very LOW GI. This means that your liver breaks down the sugars and carbohydrates very slowly… causing your body to go longer before feeling hungry again so you don’t snack.

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so sunday morning, so cute. i think i might like the lines of the zippers and the dress worn this way the best. and the way the scarf matches the red wall. nice nice nice.

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yep, i like this version of the dress

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so cute and so yummy

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The dress looks great – fab design. Careful of some icecream which may be lowish GI but high fat!

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dream kitchen! so cute

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You are just too adorable (and hopefully we’ll get to meet soon. my sincere apologies for not making it to the juice fest). I’m an avid recreational chef and have been experimenting with vegan and gluten free cooking a lot so your waffles are pretty special! Love today’s outfit and how it matches your surroundings. And the dog isn’t bad either!

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ok – this is one even conservative i could wear so big LIKE from me.

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is Rebecca the dog? please say yes.

very nice outfit too! I like the photo of you looking out the window.

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love the pictures today- that dog is so cute. You look so relaxed- waffles look great too.

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Wow you really are trying to boost your own ego with this silly “look at me” High society project.
Get a proper Job with a uniform, then you can wear the same things every few days while contributing to the real world.

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mj tagged this reformed bitter betty

I am truly sorry about the above comment, please delete it, seriously. I just realized that if that is how I choose to contribute to the real world than my premise sucks. I took some time to research you, Sarah, and realized that you have your own business and make upcycled clothes by hand, a truly remarkable thing for a young woman to do that benefits society in numerous ways. I can’t believe you take time out of your busy life to be part of a project that is raising money to help educate kids

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You and your fluffy white friend are simply beautiful today. You look comfortable, peaceful and open to the world.

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thanks for the positive comments! Rebecca is my human friend who invited me to her apartment, created the waffle recipe and took the photos. Grr is her poodle!

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Hey mj thanks for moderating your comment. There is a lot of unnecessary negativity on the internet and, as you said, there is no place for that type of dialogue in the real world. Thank you for researching my cause, please spread the word

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I meant Sweetness WITHOUT Saccharine! Arg! I hope you see this, Sarah. (Proofread, proofread, proofread.)

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this is adorable! love the yellow tights.

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Love this outfit, simple but wonderful. Cool kitchen, cooool dog!

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love this silhouette.

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