Saturday, February 19th

Day 19

These boots...

I was in Chelsea this morning and decided to stroll through one of my favorite parks in NYC, the High Line. In the 1980s some Chelsea residents and railroad enthusiasts saved this old elevated track from being demolished and 20 years later we have this gorgeous park! The long narrow structure of the park lends itself more for walking than lounging and luckily I had on my trusty cowboy boots. I bought these boots when I was 12 from a Value Village in Houston, one of my first purchases from a thrift store. These boots have endured 13 years of both tasteful and tacky twists to my atheistic, and have walked on landscapes that vary greatly from the Texas soil they were born on. I can’t help but be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort and familiarity whenever I don these boots.

Necklace: Donated by Decorating Yourself , Suede Jacket: Inherited from Mackswell’s Grandmother.


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lookin good….enjoy seeing the necklace from my Etsy shop DecoratingYourself…wearing it for a great cause…

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love to see the Texan in you coming out. I really love this look

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those boots rock, as does the high line.

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Value Village in Houston was my first thrift store experience! Hooray for Texas and your rockin style.

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My favorite accessory; A metro card!
You brought back fond memories with the Value Village comment. Being from Seattle where we have VV I too bought a pair of tan suede cowboy boots there once. They were from the boys dept. of JCPenney. Glad you still have yours!

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Yeah Grandma’s clothing!

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