Sunday, September 19th

Day 19

Every Day is like Sunday (Not Really)

Today it’s really warm out so I wore this little vintage flowery dress under my dress (I call it my “Amy Winehouse” dress). I really like it! I safety pinned the lapel for a little extra sneaky peek. I’m very much enjoying it. Sunday is a good day to say that you’re gonna spend the day cleaning and doing work but really end up hanging out with your friends for hours and not doing anything, which is what I’ve been doing. No need to feel guilty, it’s still the weekend. YAY!


Payal tagged this Cute

I love the little flowery dress…it feels so summery! Good use of the lapel. I have one of those bigass safety pins too. I call it an accessory and use it as a brooch 😉

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Lena tagged this Try Harder

Mmmh not so interesting, the black, the blue, brown shoes, where is the highlight – and a picture of your whole outfit would be better…

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cute,but… tagged this Michelle

I think the safety pin is a good idea, normaly, right now I have the impression that the black dress is covering the flowerdress as a pinned pice of fabric and I rather want to the the flowerdress. I’m bored with the black dress.

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Franziska tagged this Brave

uh, the fabric thing was my first thought too, sorry, but it’s only the first picture that gives this impression. I think the dress is really difficult and really hard to work with.

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Lyndranette tagged this Cute

very simple and casual but I like it. cool tattoos. very vintage, your outfit for today. – my blog pliz follow!

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Love skirts popping out from bottom. I always say critics never win awards. Love the pin, I sometimes hang little things from my pin, odd earrings and old bits and pieces. Have fun

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Célèste tagged this Cute

I love what you’ve done with layer the dress over other dresses the past couple days. It fixes the too short problem, and adds a fun border.

Very cute!

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laks tagged this Hot

Did u get the new dress?

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Clare tagged this Cute

I need those shoes!!! Cute dress too

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Deb tagged this Cute

dig the sneaky peek with the safety pin. safety pins rock.

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giselle tagged this Cute

Great choice of shoes and vintage dress! Definitely a wearable combo. Where did you get those shoes???

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i love the “amy winehouse dress!” i think a lot of people ae giving you a hard time about your outfits, i guess because they aren’t as crazy (but still awesome) as india’s or sheena’s, but i think you are doing great! not everybody has the same style, people! yours is a bit more real-life, something with one foot in the crazy awesome coolness and one foot in the normal-but-still-fashionableness… anyways–love it!

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Kris tagged this gorgeous

flower dress is the best
the most fasion most cute most wooow

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