Friday, February 18th

Day 18

Quadrocepticon for change

This is the debut of one of our brand new designs for Fall/Winter 2011… The Quadrocepticon Poncho! I’m loving the way it blows around on my windy roof. Tonight, as a part of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend I have the oppurtunity to push the concept of fashion towards unique style with a conscience. But I want to do a bit more than just participate in a fashion show. For the rest of this month, the Quadrocepticon Poncho will be sold through our website (8 months before it hits the stores) and we will be donating all profits (after cost of materials/labor) from the sale of this item to City Harvest. Help end child hunger and look fresh in this future poncho at the same time!

 from RHLS, The Raw Quartz Nugget Harness Necklace from Sage and Indie.



I really love how fun your work is and although I have never met you, I feel like I know a little about your personality based on your line. Thanks for being an honest hardworking artist and I wish you and Mackswell good luck this weekend!

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WOW That is quite awesome. Wishing you great fun and success at your fashion show. <3 <3 <3

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So you re-imagined your dress for today by throwing a poncho over it to completely hide it?

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Farmer Beth tagged this Also. . .

. . .you look like a shaman in the fourth picture. Like a kite in the first one. Shaman of the wind.

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Farmer Beth

Hmmm. My first comment didn’t post so the Also looks a little crazy. Sigh. I was saying that I love that you are the pilot during this month of the Fashion Shows. And I love that you are putting your money where your mouth is with the sales of this poncho.

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18 days in and i just can’t get into this pilot. the self promotion is at all time high. granted other pilots have had other agendas but the looks presented were more wearable and less conceptual.

your charity is awesome and i hope you succeed in raising all the funds possible.

no disrespect, just an opinion.

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Where’s the dress? What has the poncho got to do with it?

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Cynthia tagged this THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD

Poncho Roolz, you rool! I’m loving every single minute and don’t let the haters get you down! I’d wear every single look in a heartbeat!

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Jolly M

Well done Sarah &wish you the very best with the Fashion Weekend.BTW @ Jenny& Chirsifan
This pilot is a very gifted designer who is raising
money for City Harvest.”where is the dress?What has the poncho to do with it?”The dress is under the poncho &can be seen.Poncho has everything to with it,Cos the profit from the poncho sale is going to City Harvest& please click on “the Quadrocepticon poncho!” link on the top.Fans or no fans be positive.You are not raising any money by being critical.

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Deb tagged this love love love this

Dig the poncho!

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I would like to agree with Jenny. I think she politely voiced my sentiments exactly.

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md tagged this wouldnt the world be boring if we all agreed all the time??

i have to vote with jenny and e. Its not a ‘hating’ thing, its just an opinion. I thought that was (in part) the point… we can like the ends (the charity), but not be enthralled with the means to that end, no?

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haters gon hate but we all know they’re just jealous of how consistently fly both you and your RHLS work is. Major props to you on putting yourself out there for a good cause, no matter what negativity comes at you for it. I’ve been enjoying checking in!

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