Monday, October 18th

Day 18

Keep on Keeping on

Fall is all about layering so what better time to take on a project like this. This morning i finally pulled out my suitcase with all my sweaters and jackets in it and i found this amazing black thin wool sweater with metallic ribbons on the front – SCORE! I threw on a pair of 2 toned black tights and a pair of “Pied a terre” low pumps with a neat jersey / leather mix- total impulse buy at Heathrow airport. Sorry you cant really see the shoes i took this with my point and shoot digi cam but you get the idea…. right?

I’m taking a bit a break from some of the fashion parties this week – it just dawned on my that i have some serious deadlines creeping up on me… i hate how they do that! So i’ll prob spend most of this week in my home studio and working with my band. Like i said i love my job .. so i can’t complain.



You know, I wouldn’t have thought to like that sweater. But chica, on you, I gotta say it looks pretty cool. Great outfits. AND YOU CHANGED YOUR HEELS! *haha* Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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halloween idea

a kabuki dancer. or, what I mean really is it should involve a kimono and one of those tight japanese belts.

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i love your sweater!!

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A couple days ago, you mentioned having some friends take awesome pictures, without the white background…but now we only get one pic? still with the white background?? I would love to see more pics, especially of the shoes!

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emmerelda tagged this Try Harder

I like the sweater layering, but I gotta say I don’t much like the sweater.

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you should totally go as coco! she invented the lbd, you are reinventing it!

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LA La la love the bows

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Lyndranette tagged this Very Cool 😉

that sweater is so cool! i am like addicted to bows so naturally i luv it! as always an amazing outfit and you are doing an amazing job raising money.

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lola tagged this Try Harder

the initial excitement of seeing someone bold is gone now….. The $$$$ are not pouring in.. Isis, please put up some outdoor shots.. and tell us more about the project u support.. Gud Luck!!

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sequins before the disco.

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hate that sweater.

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ok, you excited me at first but i find your palatte kinda boring (sorry). very little colour and your outfits seem to consist of the dress covered by a jumper?! not inspiring me.

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*** tagged this Try Harder

This sweater is horrible. It looks like something you’d find at a thrift store and then see still sitting there six months later because no one wants it, because it’s hideous. And the next time you see it, your grandmother is wearing it.

Your initial outfits were awesome, but they’ve gone downhill during the weekend. So while it’s a little sad your funding hasn’t moved much in days, it’s not shocking.

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isis tagged this trying my best

13 days left ! 646 dollars … im sorry you hate my sweater
but im more sorry we’ve only managed to raise enough for 3 laptops 🙁

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Deb tagged this beautiful woman

isis- you’re a beautiful woman. one of those woman that can pretty much wear anything and it’ll look chic, including this sweater, which might not be my cup of tea… but girl, you are beautiful in it, you pull it off just fine!

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Farmer Beth tagged this What’s with the haters?

No, I wouldn’t wear this sweater. I’d look like Pollanna’s little sister. But Grrrl, you could wear a paper bag and make it look like high fashion, and you’re rockin’ the bow sweater.

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ZS tagged this Brave

people will complain, the sweater is a matter of taste, white background is the best, this is professionalism, we are being treated to a great month of fashion, be grateful

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Eva tagged this Cute

Oh, I love your vintage sweater, it looks great 🙂

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Nic tagged this Cute

I love the sweater itself but I think what people want to see is you rocking the dress as a focal point a lot more often. That’s probably why you got the negative reactions to this look that you did. You have such a beautiful dress that people are not going to be as into it if they can’t really see it at all.

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Kate tagged this Cute

Girl! You know how to dress for your body type! I haven’t seen you look frumpy, short or disproportional once! And in an over sized sweater no less!

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