Sunday, October 17th

Day 17

Sunday on the patio

Toronto Fashion Week continues on to next week and i’ll be going to the Orange NYC show on Monday, so i decided to take this weekend off. Me and a close friend have decided to spend the day bbq’ing on my wonderful patio drinking mimosas and soaking up what is left of the sunshine. It’s strange the weather in Toronto by now is usually so cold most of us are scrambling for last minute flights anywhere but here! But looks like global warming isnt working out in our favor – for now.

I’m now half way through the month and it’s pretty surreal that it’s day 17 – the LBD has become somewhat of a second skin and my dry cleaning bill has never been so low! I threw on the most comfy loose knit wool sweater in the world, it’s vintage from the 70s and once again donated by eBay’s Green Team from a U.P favoriteย Bustown Modern, along with some vintage black boots and my Chapeau! For a day of lounging around in the apartment eating food and drinking sparkling wine there’s not much more a girl could ask for.


anneka tagged this Cute

It all goes together so well. What is your necklace of? It is too small to tell.

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kate tagged this comfy-sheek

I want this entire outfit. Where did you get those tights?! You look so comfortable, put together and effortless.

I want, gimmie!

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Jane tagged this Perfect

The first comment is mine! ๐Ÿ™‚ this outfit is just perfect!

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well, it was the first before I clicked on “Post” ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway, great look!

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You look so beautiful and comfortable today! I hope you reach your goal (just donated as much as I can for a poor student). Maybe you could work on a deal with a company where you put a link for them on this page (ad) one day and they donate? Just a thought on how to reach your goal…

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noa tagged this donate donate donate!!

i love the sweater/ tights combo… the hat tops it all off- gorgeous.

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Lyndranette tagged this Very Cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

cute sweater. once again another great outfit. keep on keepin on. – my blog pliz follow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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all your outfits are cute, hot, perfect etc but it’s too styled and posed.

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emmerelda tagged this chic

That’s a pretty sweet outfit for a day of lounging around at home! Right now I’m wearing a grimy old pair of sweatpants and doing homework! I wish I could look that stylish all the time!

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Oakland Etsuko tagged this Tight(s)

You’ve been sporting some awesome tights the past few days – like seeing you outside too!

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Payal tagged this Cool as ice.

You are just the coolest chic ever! Hey check out what I found in one of Australia’s media mags:

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holly tagged this yes, Hot

you could ask for a few more donations, but I guess some people just come to look.

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

There’s just something about lacy tights and leather boots that I find too hard to wear, but the top part sets it all in the right balance.

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