Thursday, February 17th

Day 17

WFW FW11!!

This time last year I was scheduling dance rehearsals with 15 of my friends I had tricked into being models, constructing 12 foot 3D Geometric shapes and experimenting with the first run of our sculptural clothing line “its a drink from a time in the past called the future”  I was working nonstop as usual to pull together the first RHLS interpretive musical in time for our debut at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. One year later and I am still consumed by exciting yet stressful projects. Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Fall/Winter 11 starts tomorrow and I am so stoked! This is not your stuffy white walls serious walk down a runway. It is a anything goes free for all where every designer works to reinvent the concept of fashion show. The past two seasons we have gone all out and this year we decided to take it easy: no models. Tune in on Saturday to see what happened…..

P.S Here are some photos from Tara’s amazing show on Monday. StudyNY @ NYFW >


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Snow flower. Really a nice take on it today. Can’t wait to see the story of your Wburg show!

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really loving this interpretation of the lbd, and stunning photos too. it must be a hectic time for you, yet the photos seem pretty chilled.

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Very nicely done – the belt is really cool and I’m liking the zippers more and more.

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Hey! I’ve been travelin’ (remembering some of Sheena’s epic styles from her days in India while I hit some of those same roads) – so unable to tune in for a while. Just caught up, and am I ever glad!! Where do I start? Day 2, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15…they’re just getting better and better and I love seeing you express/enjoy/share yourself. Fantastic! Great cause, too. Eat up!

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Sarah, you look so cute

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