Saturday, December 18th

Day 18

one thing to have

hi friends! i’m putting the diamond holes vest on today. those diamonds went to these pants. i wasn’t sure how the knit would be if i cut it up but i just did it as that idea came up in my head. then they both worked well:). i need just a little courage when i try something, but once i get it, i can be just headed for whatever i aim. if you have any desire, hope, whatever moves you, basically there is 1 thing that you need to have. -courage. i learned it from many artists who i respect, people who i love, and my friend who passed away 1 year ago. also i learned it from the fashion designer Susan Cianciolo. i worked for her as an assistant before. she has such a beautiful sense as a designer and person. in addition, i was impressed by her courage. her creation is always made from her heart. and i don’t mean only the artistic type of ‘creation’. every aspect of her life is dedicated from her heart because she trusts herself. and i know it’s not so easy for all, maybe not even her either. but i feel she just made a decision at some point to live her life. that power is just something. it’s moved not only me, but also many people and things. she’s so sweet to others too and has such a strong spirit. this is my thought- “courage” brought by your heart brings us hope. that’s my experience and our sheena showed it to us taking for 1 year too. amazing. have a happy brave dec 18 to all and everyone at songs for kids <3 always xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, diamond holes vest by akigoto, red stockings, red shoes

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these locations are incredible. when people look back at all the different pilots in a book someday, they’ll really appreciate how unique and individual each pilot’s aesthetic choices have been. aki, your pictures have really pinpointed a definite singular style and it is something that deserves major props.

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Very cute outfit today! Loving the greys and muted reds!

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cool vest!

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There’s something very fairy tale about these photos. Such innocence and curiosity, and a sense of possible danger in that amazing crooked log cabin. Great art, as always.

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thanks for your all lovely comments… will be able to go another half way thanks to you guys <3 happy holidays

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aki goto, you are a true artist. i admire you and your courage.

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