Friday, December 17th

Day 17

love my life

hi! more rambling today <3. i put on my “full moon garment” on the ice pond. it is made of lots of full moons! when i lived in NYC, i sometimes had “full moon parties” with my friends. full moon comes to us once a month having a big power for many things around us. at the new moon nights, i write 10 wishes on a piece of paper and keep it till the next full moon, then we burn it at that night. what happens then is the wishes come true by the next new moon.. it actually works <3 at one of the full moon parties, i made many “full moon badges” for my people there. one side is made of a piece of used denim, and the other side is all different kind of materials also used fabrics. i just cut them up into the circles and sewed 2 pieces together. one day i made so many of them, then put those moons all together and made a fabric. it feels very special because it is made of so many full moons! my creation is always brought by my real life. i see it doesn’t effect to others directly sometimes and that is even interesting to me. but i still want to express myself just because i live my life, appreciate my life and love my life connected to this world. just like i want everyone to. i really feel the kids and the people working for Songs For Kids are really living their lives which is the most beautiful thing and best. thank you all and Songs For Kids for letting me feel it. lovely. happy dec 17 to you. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, full moon scarf, full moon badge, patched leggings(to hide many ink spots!) all by akigoto

japanese translation >



the second picture and last are my favorite 😀 i adore your dog and your cause. Also the places you take your picutres are breathtakingly nature-y/simple bliss. Stay golden

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Farmer Beth

Love that touch of pink reflected on the ice!

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I love it! You are such an inspiration!

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wow, that scarf is fantastic!

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Strange beliefs! Even stranger clothes!

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aki, i have to be honest i haven’t loved everything you’ve worn but this outfit rocks. love, love, love that scarf!! 🙂

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the full moon badge scarf is gorgeous, loving the different ways you’re wearing it and loving the patches on your leggings. i’m secretly hoping you develop more ink stains or imperfections on your clothes so that we can see more cool patches and embroidery!

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pretty cool

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Lucia tagged this the whole month has been amazing!

This is my favorite LBD so far. It is practical. I want the pattern!

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