Sunday, December 19th

Day 19

instead of sadness

hi friends. im putting on this lace poncho which used to be a curtain of my beautiful friend masami. i got it from her and made it for my fashion show(she wore then too!) and.. look at this accessory! my boyfriend’s sister & his son just arrived here last night and she lent me this cute necklace for today’s outfit. matching with this outfit & nature 🙂 i appreciate all these happenings to me… thanks to my lovely friend, i got the chance to create this poncho. thanks to my lovely boyfriend, i could stay at such a beautiful place with beautiful people and could wear this necklace:) thanks to myself who is living this life so hard, i could feel much joy now. it’s also thanks to my family for all that they have given me. i used to feel like this- hate the world, hate people, and hate myself. i was sad then. so i thought and thought what i actually wanted to do if i was so sad because it was too sad for me to be sad. then i finally realized that i simply wanted to feel joy instead of feeling sad. so i learned how to feel joy. it took me long. still not easy as you know. but i am happy now thanks to these people around me, and me. hoping that joy will spread everywhere, cuz i got to know joy is amazing. and hoping songs for kids happiness as well. happy december 19, love always xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, lace poncho by akigoto, lise’s necklace, black stockings, black shoes

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the second photo is soooo col

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Toby T.

Aki is beautiful inside and out. I love her and everyday I feel so fortunate to know her.

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so so so pretty! you have unique style! it’s been an eye catching few weeks! keep it up!

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Payal tagged this Beautiful

You’re a beautiful person Aki. Life’s good when you realise you control your happiness and sadness. Some moments in life demand your sadness, but it’s a beautiful sadness. One that says you had something that made you so happy – and you know you can learn to be that happy again.

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Congrats on making it 1K

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Ashe tagged this Snowy airiness

Like todays outfit, so airy and so fitting with the snow. The backgrounds emphasize that feeling. And also my congrats to reaching 1k! 🙂

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kinnery tagged this classy

this is my favourite outfit so far! beautiful. 🙂

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Darcey tagged this Inspired

Aki your love for yourself and all things good is what others will see. Congratulations on breaking the $$1,000 ceiling. You’re fabulous. I love the lace poncho today and as always your adorable dog.

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Love the lace poncho!!!!!! It’s so gorgeous over the dress and next to the snow.

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