Wednesday, November 17th

Day 17

Supply shopping with designer ladies

Today I had a full day of supply shopping planned with 4 local designers/friends: Yana of SupayanaVanessa Moore, Elizabeth Hudson of Ursa Minor, and Audrey Cantwell. We had a full day of shopping with trips to fabric suppliers, leather suppliers, trim suppliers….and of course lunch at Andalos for Lebanese wraps!

It’s raining like crazy so rather than dip my hem in the puddles I wore the dress short. With buttons to the back and undone up to my knees I picked up the hem at the side seams and raised them up, pulled them towards my lower back then safety pinning them together. Doing this at the sideseam hem is key so there are multiple layers of fabric to pin through to prevent ripping. I used a jumbo safety pin so I could slip a skinny belt through it too. An AMAZING polka dotted silk blouse from the eBay Green Team came together with patterned tights and a cardigan I designed a few years ago. Grey boots and a chunky necklace finish it all off.

For those of you working on your shopping lists, you can now get the Limited Edition Isis LBD in time for the holidays!


Debboluh tagged this pretty cool

i LOVE this dress, it is so versatile, and i love how you come up with different ways of wearing it.

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I very much like the silhouette that this creates, it looks nice in the back.

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Payal tagged this And for the 17th time…

…I think this is my favourite look. Love the way the skirt falls. Love the top. Love the whole look. Biggest love is for the Jumbo pin that serves as a belt loop.

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you have the best collection of boots! today’s version of the dress is genious…love the little mermaid tail you fashioned :).

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Irene tagged this Fantastic

Another favourite! I have so many now 🙂 just great!

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my favourite yet. i love the mini bustle at the back…. this whole look is inspired. makes me happy inside. 🙂

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I like the mini-train/bustle effect. And I wouldn’t have thought of the safety pin belt loop idea, I might use that on a few dresses of mine that have belts that shift around.

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I LOVE this one Ang!! It might just be my fave look so far. XO

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scary. tagged this quality.

girl knows how to work a dress. fact.

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You are pure genius. I feel bad for ever doubting my wardrobe.

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