Thursday, December 16th

Day 16

kaya. kirsten. and bruno

hello friends. my boyfriend’s parents have 2 cute horses. on tue, we let them run in the fenced field. they seemed having so much fun. at that time, the two dogs were also running around. after a while.. suddenly kaya started running for one horse Kirsten and barked at her crazy right behind her legs. we tried to stop kaya and get her out of there but she was totally not listening to us. kaya was really getting in under kirsten’s belly and kept barking, and then the thing we were scared just happened- kirsten jumped a bit and kicked her with her hind legs. then, kaya got stepped on by kirsten. kaya screamed and we just ran to her to get her out immediately. she got out of the fence and looked freaked out at the moment but fortunately she didn’t get hurt. omg, it really really freaked us out. kirsten is super huger than kaya of course. she could be totally killed if she kept barking. we just thanked this good luck. sorry kaya, we should’ve been more careful about you. i’m so glad that you didn’t get hurt and still seem enjoying with bruno without being scared by you baby. and i saw bruno run to kirsten right after kaya was stepped on and he barked at her so hard even after kaya got out. you guys, best friends now. kirsten, i know you’re such a sweetheart too. you just taught me every animal is just living in their right way. thank all. hope you have your own sweet day. happy dec 16 to all. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, overall donated by ebay green team, fullmoon badge by akigoto, black shoes. here’s a little interview with Sheena and me, hope you like it!

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i would like to hear more about your charity. and less about your animals.

cute dungerees though. 🙂

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you ramble too much, chica. Talk more about outfits and less about friends and animals please 🙂

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i like to hear your ramble-y posts! I would like to hear more about the outfit, but I still like hearing all of the interesting things you have to say

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Great interview (and I love the overalls)! I especially liked this part: “it’s more about hating the fact that people are controlled by information fed through the fashion world” – I totally embrace this same feeling!

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scary. tagged this hay baby.

i really love this outfit and the photos are super beautiful . bring me back a kitten! 😉

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akichwa~ng! you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. keep doing, wearing, writing whatever the fuck you want and that’s all you gotta do. you’re already doing too much!
so gamba-mother-fucking-re, just do the world a favor and please stop rambling on and on about the barn animals.
xxxooo:)))))))))))))<3 u

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i can’t wait for this month to end. gawddddd.

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I love the different format of this month’s U.P. and the fact that you have really made it your own place to share your ideas. After reading your interview, I definitely gained an appreciation for how your artistic process is so integrated into your daily routine — it’s not just putting together a ‘cute outfit’. Keep up the amazing effort to this project!! You’re half-way there!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Fashion Philosopher

That was a great interview with Sheena. Your words and your artistry harmonize. They match. There’s a real integrity behind your work that lends real power to your styling. I think that’s why I can see what you do with a day and know that it would never work on me, but still I can be delighted by what you have created. Thanks for your beautiful honesty.

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Great interview! Would love to see close-ups of some of your creations, such as the fullmoon badge from today. these little touches are what make your outfits so interesting.

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I agree with farmer beth, it’s completely delightful to watch every day what you come up with, eventhough it’s not everyone’s style, you make it incredible.

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