Wednesday, December 15th

Day 15

will find it

hey! it’s getting so cold so just decided to take photos inside today. too relaxing? i’m wearing a very simple & comfy pants. i wish i had some good accessory for this- usually i don’t put that many accessories on. just like wearing simple. i mean, my stuff is not quite simple as it is 🙂 but i like wearing crazy stuff very simple. instead of layering crazies on. i brought some accessories to idaho to fit them on my LBD. but.. i can’t find the accessory bag even though i have been looking for it since the day i left 🙁 …wait, does that mean i didn’t bring it? no! i believe i did.. well. sorry this thing often happens to me, just keep looking for a bit more. just because i wish i could wear one necklace with this outfit today. i have a pretty turquoise stone necklace which has a nice story. when i used to live in chinatown in manhattan, the apt was so so so tiny. at that time, i had a pink crystal, maybe a rose quartz, and it was a pendulum. do you know what pendulum is? it always answers your questions when you ask it. but you really have to empty your brain. so nice to have the time for yourself. ..hey everyone. you know what, i want to talk about this when i am putting it on, cuz then more persuasive. so will find it soon and talk then!! 🙂 sorry about that. lets find much fun too today. maybe here? 😉 happy dec 15 xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, white pants donated by ebay green, purple leggings

japanese translation >

Apologies for late post due to some technical difficulties! x U.P


Loving the relaxed pose and fit of the pants. Go Aki!

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Very angelic pics. Like the outfit and the carpet. 😉

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I loveeee your picture’s!!

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Yes, wearing crazy stuff very simply…you make me feel relaxed on this very busy day, thank you.

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While I don’t think I could pull off your outfits, your photo’s are amazing. The blurry quality, the backgrounds, and juxtaposing styling of the clothes are amazing together.

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scary. tagged this hot.


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