Friday, January 14th

Day 14

What are you wearing?

It’s another Fab Friday in NYC and I just found out it’s a long weekend. Yes to both. So I am beyond curious. Do you have any current style obsessions? I usually covet at least one. For example, I am loving the head wrap thing of yesterday, I think it’s a great, elegant solution to the wintery weather sans hat hair.

Yesterday I trotted over to Sarah’s after work and did something very therapeutic. Steamed the dresses. Ahhhhh. This is without a doubt the best way to keep this LBD looking fresh, crisp, and ready to rumble. The steam removes all lint, cleans the dress, and de-wrinkles all in one. Walking infomercial much? Heh.

Alright, you’re up, throw some style my way!

Sock it to me. xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: LBD shell worn proper, skirt worn as cape. Strands of jade beads from Thailand. Oversized clip-on vintage earrings. Edelweiss pant suit for Vogue-ing >




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Larry tagged this Classy

Simplistic sophitication as always!

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My current style obsession is looking like a bohemian gypsy. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t feel comfortable in jeans anymore. Skirts and dresses all the way.

Love the contrast of green beads on black fabric. 🙂

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wasabipear tagged this @Larry

I so much adore your daily contributions!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Vogue

I like Alice’s style, too. Gypsy fortune-teller. Long flowy skirts and scarves and beads and layers of this ‘n’ that. I try to keep the tops more form-fitting to give it all a little shape. But in this winter weather, I tend to just do jeans with layers on top.

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Darcey tagged this Sassy

This is pure sass and sophistication. I’ve had a long standing love affair with my steamer (until it died). I too am the walking infomercial for that thing.

My current style obsession? vintage brooches. I have been a big, bold necklace freak for years, and i recently re-discovered my vintage rhinstone brooche collection. I’m putting them everywhere; hats, belts, scarves, etc.

Keep killin’ it! You are mad style personified.

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Summer Rayne Oakes

best look yet!

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noa tagged this style obsessin 50’s-ish, high waisted skirts 🙂

you’d never guess this outfit is “made of” an lbd! beauteous!

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SarahO tagged this back in black

Current style obsession – statement earrings designed by my mom!
Your outfit is a great example of class and style with interesting elements (necklace, cape, sockettes) and creative use of LBD.
I wonder if the skirt can be made into some sort of turban, head scarf thing . . . .

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Susan V

I am loving your sense of style & the photos are great. I think you are my favorite thus far. Your sense of style is unique but not so crazy it doesn’t work…

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LR tagged this Fantastico!

Holy!!!!!! This outfit (and you) are drop dead gorgeous!!!

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scary. tagged this love it.


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Jordan Catalano


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canadiangirl tagged this outta da park

Oh. Yes.

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You are a total babe! I love your LBD cape transformation and am also enjoying your accessorising big time. have a lovely weekend!

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erin tagged this class-y

currently loving class esp. heels esp. mary jane heels. and loving your classy look.

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such an awesome, sophisticated look today. love the jade bead and black combo.

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i never thought i’d be typing that i love your high waist, pleat front trousers… but stranger things have happened. this outfit is smokin’ hot

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