Saturday, January 15th

Day 15

Shalwar Kameez

I woke up this morning and thought. It’s a long weekend, I am dying for an escapade, where to go? So I booked a ticket to a place I have never been before, Massachusetts! I have a lovely day planned of lounging, watching football, and braving the north.

The first place I lived was Islamabad, Pakistan until the ripe age of 2. It was my parents’ first post in the foreign service. Needless to say I don’t remember much, but I’m repping all the same. This is actually a hat that I wore as a baby, transformed into a beret. Love it. Doing it again for sure. Pakistan style involves tons of mirrors held in place with embroidery, so labor intensively divine.

Let’s see how this dress does on wheels. xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: Silk shalwar kameez pants. Pakistani mirrored beret. Cape that I’ve had for a while, but again don’t bust out too often.



love the cape. adorable hat. have fun in massachusetts!

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The shoes, the shoes! Please tell us about the shoes!

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Summer Rayne Oakes

That cape is fabulous. I was eyeing some of those in Brooklyn a few months ago.

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Farmer Beth

Love the colors! The moody lighting. The Shoes, the Shoes, the Shoes.

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Damn, I love those pants.

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noa tagged this boston?

yay! i live in massachusetts, and it’s pretty cool… almost as cool as your cape (but not half as awesome those beauteous silk pants)! have fun!

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Sophistcation rules the day again!

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Ashe tagged this A Dame

Lovely cape and great work with the berret.

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wasabipear tagged this @Spud

oopsy! the shoes are my staple killer mary jane heels. i got them about 3 years ago and everytime i need that extra oomph, they fit the bill.

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wasabipear tagged this @noa

North Hampton actually, ever been? I’m rather enamored ^.^

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♥ ♥

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