Saturday, November 13th

Day 13

At the Gallery

In addition to designing Norwegian Wood my husband Tyson and I also have a small gallery/boutique here in Montreal called Heaquarters where we sell work by indie artists and designers. Tyson’s selling his art at a local zine fair today, so I’m spending the day working at our boutique. I’m wearing a vintage leopard print blazer with amazing back cutout, another great find from the eBay Green Team. I decided to try out the dress as a long vest, I’ve been wearing it both open or buttoned up a bit throughout the day. I’ve layered it over a jersey dress I picked up in NY this spring, black tights and my oxblood Doc Martins…love these boots so much! I had the same ones in high school, but sadly my mom threw them out (they WERE trashed…) but I reinvested in them about 2yrs ago. Such a timeless wardrobe staple!

Apologies for the less than stellar photos, I’m using a different camera today than I usually do and no tripod, yikes! Balancing the camera on random objects to try to get a good pic is not an easy task!



Love how the boots and the jersey dress look together! Well done 🙂

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this is my new favourite!

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fan freakin’ tastic! I am a big fan of layering, and this has hit the jackpot. And it makes me very nostalgic for MY docmartins (which were purple, and which I tossed.. I cant even blame mom for that one, sadly). In any event, bravo!

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And can you clarify – what fabric are you using for the dress right now? You had mentioned that there was a change coming, and I havent seen any note of it. tks.

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@Phoebe, che, md–i agree:)

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what material is the dress made out of??? some days it looks kind of like a jersey type thing but then the next day it doesn’t… are there 2? it must be a tough decision which fabric to use… if it works in the winter, then it’s too heavy in the summer, and vice versa… but i guess you could just choose a middle ground and accessorize… that’s kind of the beauty of a long dress, too…

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Still working with the silk dress ladies, trust me, you all will be the first to know when I get the jersey one!

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That dress is so versatile! I can’t wait until I can buy one!! And the length is great, especially since you’ve shown us so many ways to shorten/highlight it

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Love love! Leopard and DMs = two of my major obsessions. I’ve got black patent ones but I’m thinking of investing in another colour sometime soon …

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Well, you certainly look like the owner of an indie art gallery! I love the jacket and the boots, and the dress underneath is nice, too. I’d like to see the dress worn open more often.

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Just been through all your dailies, and this is by far my favourite (photo 2 in particular) so far. The colours suit your skin tone, the shape works with your figure, and it’s so arty… 🙂 love it!

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