Sunday, November 14th

Day 14

Expozine & The Studio

This weekend is Montreals annual zine fair (Expozine) which my husband is selling books and zines at, so I hung out and ate lunch with him and am now back at my studio. When I came up with the day 6 outfit I thought it would look really different with a belt, but was saving it for a “jeans” kind of day. I wore it over a plain white T to emphasize the layering & wore a multicoloured vintage elastic belt, cuffed booties and jeans from back in the day when I used to design denim. I’m also wearing a vintage gold charm bracelet…so into charm bracelets lately.

Going to Expozine is always a great experience, people write about whatever they want, you see so many different points of view on so many things. I think we take for granted a lot of the freedoms we have here in North America. We take for granted that we’ll go to school, learn to write and grow up to be whatever we want to be. Free the Children gives this opportunity to the kids in Bagad, but it’s our job to make it happen!



Oooooooh, pretty! You look like some sort of indieballerina in the last picture. And I love the way you do your hair… It makes it look so wispy and soft.

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I love all the motion and different poses in these shots! Absolutely genius, as usual.

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Definately me Fave – I can actually see this one working for sure!

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wasabipear tagged this youre workin that dress

like origami

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I haven’t been able to comment for a few days, but you’ve just been going from strength to strength. Apart from your inspiring style, the simplicity of your thoughts and cause is beautiful. Wish I could donate more, but I am spreading the good word 🙂

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i love how you keep changing up this dress! so original. also, i think we have the exact same body so it’s intriguing to see how you dress yours. uh, that sounds a bit weird typed out, but i love your confident style and how you adorn yourself! oh yeah, and to top it all off, you’re a fellow canadian…loving this month!

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It really looks like a blouse! Where did the rest of the fabric go??? Great job, as usual! 🙂 That belt is awesome!

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fantastic! you are an original and very cool.

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lurve the second photo!

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SUPER cute is what comes to mind first.

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noa tagged this normal (but in a fantastic kind of way)

i love that the dress can go from unusual and stunning to sort of an ‘everyday’ relaxed outfit.

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Moorea Seal

ooh I LOVE this styling. I love the poofiness of the draping paired with everything else to keep it edgy.

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The blazer takes this outfit all the way up to Awesome! I love this outfit – you wear yellow well!

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Was digging back through your archive here for inspiration. I love how comfortable you seem in your own skin, and your amazing creativity!

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