Friday, August 13th

Day 13

Back in Reykjavik

Spent the day with U.P’s Mary, and got some super fun donations from¬†Sputnik, the Icelandic vintage store. After the laid back look from the farm, I have switched into a more festive one. My sister has a tinker bell fake cellphone and when you press the talk button it says “sparkle power!”… that is the inspiration for todays outfit… This is also the first time I am wearing the dress not as a dress. I have buttoned up the bottom and pushed down the top transforming the dress into puffy genie pants.


pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

Wawawoom. Beautiful. Serene. Aloof.

I like it.

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Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Awesome! I was wondering if the button-up aspect of this dress would let you do this! Glitter and genie pants FTW! <3 Love the snazzy pink leggings with the gold top.

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mm tagged this stunner

donations please! if this doesn’t deserve some digging in the pocketbooks, wallets, whathaveyou, then nothing will. c’mon people. kids deserve an education.

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KoCo tagged this Brave

Those shoes + those leggings = to DIE for. Not feeling the glittery top much, sequins remind me of grade school dance recital costumes. The shape is great on you, but maybe the sleeves are a smidge too long. Still, you manage to pull it off with fantastic aloofness.

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Tara tagged this Hot

Hot hot hot! Love this look on you!

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wasabipear tagged this lounge singer

waits for her cue. what’s going down after hours… no one knows.

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ina tagged this creative

totally adorable! And it’s really cool to see the dress expand out of its “top” role…

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sheena tagged this foxay

Glitter power meets neo-baroque. stunning.

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Tati tagged this Hot

Love the “dress not as a dress”!

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christine tagged this golden

glittery golden goodness. love the backdrop too…

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Lyndranette tagged this Awesome!

your best one yet! i would buy that whole outfit in a heart beat!

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noa tagged this sparkle power!

i thought we had seen all of the dresses alter egos, but obviously it has a lot more possibilities than meets the eye. if i look at yesterdays outfit, then this one, i wouldn’t even be able to tell it was the same dress (or pants, i should say)! and that is something very special

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stina tagged this glam

love it! stunned at the dress to pants transformation

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r tagged this Hot

that’s maybe only the 2nd look you made with the dress that i like but it’s totally worth it!! amazing & inspiring!!

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Love this

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holly tagged this Hot

this is such an inspiring look – best so far?

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sunkissedfrog tagged this Hot

Wow – You can just do about anything – you look amazingly grown up and beautiful and sexy – I love the pose and the attitude and the look.

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Poppygirl tagged this Brave

I love the gold with your hair – I quite like this discoey look.

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ag tagged this creative

Great idea!

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