Tuesday, October 12th

Day 12

Lunch W/ Pops

Having lunch with my dad today so i opted to go the K.I.S.S. route (keep it simple stupid). Last thing my dad needs is to see me in all over leopard print and 5 inch pumps! But i do have a leopard print hat i’ve been trying to find and i know it’s in that closet of mine somewhere – or did one of my sticky finger girlfriends accidentally lift it after a night of dress up and white wine. FYI red wine makes me super sappy .. like crazy über emotional lol.

Today i went with my vintage Chanel inspired embroidered vest and my super comfy wedges. I will probably retire these after today all the other shoes i own have now realized i’m playing favorites and if i want to avoid a fashion mutiny i will make sure they all get a chance to play. Lol imagine – what a horrible nightmare – being taken hostage by all your old shoes. eek! Speaking of nightmares .. I just realized sh** !- HALLOWEEN IS IN A COUPLE WEEKS! I need costume ideas STAT!


nonymus tagged this Cute

Absolutely lovely outfit! 🙂

A long time ago


You look absolutely beautiful and classy! No amazing Halloween ideas here — and quite the boots to fill with Sheena’s costume last year (ridiculous!) — but I know you’ll come up with something great 🙂

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Demi tagged this Cute

Your outfits make me happy every day. Have a nice lunch with your dad!

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Christine tagged this Cute

not bad good look for lunch with dad, but i’m getting tired of those shoes, they remind me of hooves

A long time ago

isis tagged this Brave

lol@ the shoes comment! to be honest i was being lazy with my foot wear – be expecting an upgrade in the shoe game department. but i expect the numbers to rise as well xo

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Linda tagged this Cute

Very classy and love the bracelets!

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holly tagged this kiss kiss

are you SURE your dad doesn’t need to see you in the leopard print and 5″ pumps?? ps, no need to retire those shoes, i’m sure you could wear them for a month too. day 12 and you are still keeping the dressing fresh and inspiring, thanks

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anonymous tagged this sallydraper

amazing jacket

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Lyndranette tagged this Hot

jacket really suits you. very simple but sosphisticated as well. nice one. does remind me of chanel.

costume idea – you could totally be micheal jackson!

my blog – lyndranette.blogspot.com

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Kelsey tagged this Cute

You keep impressing me with your outfits!

Can’t wait to see how you incorporate the dress in your Halloween costume!

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summer tagged this simple & pretty!

i think if you dressed up like a lime green laptop, it’d be brilliant. looking forward to the leopard print hat…

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Ginger tagged this Cute

sweet embroidered vest!

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Love this outfit – VERY CLASSY!

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Sarah from Australia tagged this Hot

I love you.

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Carina tagged this Cute

I don’t usually comment on UP posts; I’ve always just been a quiet observer, but I’m a big fan of how you’ve been styling this gorgeous dress thus far! Really excited to see what you come up with for the rest of the month!

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Payal tagged this Cute

You look like such a lovely daughter today. I’m the same, I’d pull out all my good-girl clothes for my dad! And I love the personification of your shoes. I find myself apologising to some pairs when I haven’t worn them for a while. Why not? They stand by you when you need ’em!

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ina tagged this nice

the pendant is the perfect touch, keeps it from being old-lady. well, that and the shoes 🙂

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Hot

I love the pendant. And the dress shape very versatile! I think the positive feedback you are receiving stems not so much from your great outfits, but because your audience can feel you are taking this seriously and making an effort- for the good of your cause!

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Ashe tagged this Classy

Like the clear style, very classy.

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noa tagged this classy

the shimmeryness of the jacket is so super beautiful against the dress and then the pendant pulling it all together… ugh, it’s just beauuuuuutttttiiiiiiifffffuuuullllll

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Mizlindzy tagged this Cute

Really classy outfit today (not simple stupid at all)!
And these wedges could pull out a week or two more, very versatile and looking absolutely comfy!

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hal tagged this mm

if you don’t want those shoes, I will gladly take them off your hands. Beautiful outfit today!

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RR tagged this Hot

Whatver, i love those shoes.
And the vintage chanel. You’re killin’ this!

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emmerelda tagged this Hot

Well, I’m definitely not bored of those shoes yet.

A long time ago

christine tagged this classic

you can never go wrong with chanel…

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Nic tagged this Cute

Even though it’s so simple this might be my favourite look you’ve had all month. That gorgeous embroidered vest doesn’t hurt one bit either.

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