Monday, October 11th

Day 11

Domestic Diva

So not much going on today. I’ve opted to actually take advantage of this holiday Monday and enjoy some of the great HBO movies i pay so much for. I also plan to do laundry and clean my apartment – yup this is the life of a Domestic Diva! I might even make a cheesecake .. the day is filled with endless amounts of domestic opportunities! Today’s outfit i think reflects the mood i’m in. Feeling a bit adventurous and care-free. Playing with patterns can be a ton of fun and i’ve yet to really go in that direction – so why not start today in this embroidered coat donated by eBay’s fabulous Green Team!

We’re now half way through the month – so if you haven’t donated yet, today’s a great time to start. I even did the math other other day if i can get all 1900 friends on my facebook to donate 50 bones we are bound to hit this goal! No pressure guys im just saying. I really want to see these students get these laptops and i’m planning on going back home for the first time since i was a baby and it would mean the world to me to actually be able to visit the school we helped. So lets make it happen!



Love the jacket; will it be up for auction?!

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wasabipear tagged this #ethenticity

diggin the color x pattern combo.

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I love the tights and sweater combo!
Your style, is the best 🙂

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girl u look awesome in purple! love the shoes! great cause! proud of ya! keep up the good work!

my blog pliz follow –

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Lyndranette pls stop posting your blog.

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this looks so cozy, but chic. the pattern on the sweater is really pretty.

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@ M, hear hear! In the mean time, another winner from a superpilot!

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I love your style so far 🙂 Honestly, you’re my favorite one month pilot so far. Keep switchin’ it up!

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Cuuuuute. Love the mix of the tights and the sweater. This has been an interesting month. Thanks for the down-to-Earth commentary as well. I have tomorrow off, so I think I’ve follow your lead and make it a care-free, cozy day.

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Love the belt. Stark combination with the tights and jacket, looks comfy, but not my taste.

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You are truly elegant.

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Wish 50 bones was in my budget to give! I’m doing my part to tell as many fashion-forward friends about Uniform Project!

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You look simply gorgeous everyday. I wish I had the money to donate, too, but am doing my best to spread the word.

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50 might be too much .. but whatever you can goes a LONG way. either you donate your twitter space, facebook status space or some doe o all of the above its all good in my books xo

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word. give U.P your status ,)

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You’re a goddess. I wish you were on for another month!

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not feeling these shoes anymore

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