Wednesday, November 10th

Day 10

Oh hello Angela, you're so fashion today!

This is the greeting I got from our building super this morning, a lovely older gentleman named Mr. Pucci. Not a bad way to start the day…

I received some vintage goodies in the mail from the eBay Green Team last night (one of U.Ps sponsors!) and couldn’t wait a moment to throw onΒ this jacket. The pattern is so incredibly amazing! I layered one of my fave loose tanks over the dress, threw on a vintage belt & layered the cardigan over top. I couldn’t resist wearing one of my new necklace designs as well. With this combo of OTT items I thought it best to let the dress be the base for layers of goodness. It’s sunny but crisp today so I thought it was the perfect time to throw on my favorite wool socks & my zebra print wedge sandals.

I’m pretty sure it was the sandals that put Mr. Pucci over the edge…after all zebra=fashion…right?!



Love it, especially the socks, polka dots again. You’re a great design mixer, dots, zebra, ethno, looks great. Oh, I bought a konad nail stamping kit because yours looked lovely. I tried it today. It’s great once you get the hang of it. πŸ™‚

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is it possible to layer too much? the dress looks a little lost….

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Ashe tagged this Greatness

What’s with me and the word “great” today? ;D

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Ashe tagged this Looks fine

No mgs, I don’t think it’s too much. She’s got the hang of it. And the dress smoothes it out.

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Ashe – I do that too sometimes…some words just seem to pop up more on certain days

mgs – definitely something I’ve been accused of more than once! I love layering though, and it seems to be so key when living in Montreal in the fall, the temperature changes so much…and often suddenly!

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I don’t think it’s too much, layers are great and I enjoy your fantastic combinations. Belt, shoes and the wonderful jacket, I really like your style!

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somewhere in all that greatness is the dress! what could have been an unwieldy garment has proven its measure. style, and substance.

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Jessica tagged this Inspiring

As someone who struggles to creatively layer, I find your outfit today once again inspiring! It is pushing me to reinvent my own wardrobe. Sometimes layering is difficult in warmer climates, and I find that sometimes layering just ends up making me look heavier, but your outfits are definitely very fashionable and fun. Good job!

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one word: awesome.

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adsieg tagged this Love it!

I love the layered look. However, as a chunky girl I don’t feel comfortable pulling it off myself. I’ll just live vicariously through others. πŸ™‚

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Effortless in appearance and fabulously styled.

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I like the individual pieces but I fear there may be way too much going on in a single outfit.

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Pupy tagged this FridaKahlesque!

So Frida!!! Not your best but great anyway…

Keep going. You are amazing!

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Mr. Pucci tagged this so fashion

Can I have your fashion please?

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whipcracker tagged this Fashionjam

I will crack my whip if anyone dare criticise this!
I love this mess of colors..this is fashion freedom and beyond ..I get none of it but I just adore it and I am up there with Mr Puci -You’re so fashionescence today Angela.!

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yana tagged this sexycreepy

work it, angie! πŸ˜€

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in.awe. tagged this SWEET

This is amazing. Somehow, it all works together, with things I would never think of pairing. Love it!

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Mrs Puci

Nice outfit, is that a Turkish costume?

PS can you wear a coat next time you wander out of your flat?

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summer tagged this fun!

if i saw you in public, i may stare for a bit to take in all the colors, patterns and textures of this ensemble. i like it.

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noa tagged this beautiful!

you ARE so fashion today…

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I am really loving this look. And the necklace looks amazing.

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Rebekah tagged this True Fashion!

I love how the silhouette and styling /hairdo inspires a very Asian/Geisha feel, but none of the fabrics/items reflect that essence in their pattern or as individual pieces. Great outfit that inspires such a beautiful contrast of styles to combine into it’s own ‘fashion voice’. Your take on the LDB so far has been inspired! I wish I could express myself so stylishly!

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Well, to be very honest, i’m not such a fan of your style the latest days but today YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! I wish i could have that jacket! Still, the main thing is helping the world, not how you look every day.. (that’s just a very nice extra πŸ™‚ ) Love your cause !

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adsieg – i’m a plus size model and i layer layer layer. you can do it, you just have to remember not to wear fabrics that are too bulky. and keep the lines smooth. πŸ™‚

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DutchCourage tagged this a fan of your work

so impressed with your choices – you keep streching the limits of what’s been done before – keep going..

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msg – Thanks! I’ll give it a shot!!

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Melanie tagged this Beautiful

Beautiful, unique sense of style, I always look forward to seeing what you’re wearing everyday.

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emmerelda tagged this beautiful

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT OF THE MONTH!!!!!! You look a little like my biggest musical crush, Imogen Heap, when you do your hair like that.

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