Monday, January 10th

Day 10

Funny Face

I’ve always wanted glasses. I don’t actually have them, these specs are on loan. They lend a certain smartness and since I look smart I feel smart. But you know how an outfit can actually change your mood? Isn’t that one of the points of fashion, not just wearing clothes but fashion. Escape.

Today I’ve wandered into the set of Funny Face. My favorite Audrey Hepburn flick. You know the one ~ she is a bookshop clerk slash amateur philosopher, then becomes a model in Paris and does that great dance number with the beatniks. Jo Stockton is my escapist icon. I adore her because she is beautiful, and a bit quirky, and she does what she wants with no fear.

Who is your escape this Monday? xx.wasabipear

***Today’s Outfit: LBD skirt worn proper, top worn over shoulders. Edelweiss secretary dress. Shiny flats. Ethiopian cross.



Sexy secretary! szzzzzz

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I agree, glasses are such a sexy accessory when you need them to be. And you’re working it!

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noa tagged this MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!

that last photo is fantastic. who knew this dress could be so super duper versatile? and the best part is that whatever form it takes, it looks like it was made to be that way!

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blair waldorf

love how wearable your looks are. compared to last month i find myself relating to your style more. looking forward to the rest of the month!

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wasabipear tagged this @blair waldorf

omfgg! it’s blair

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It’s fun to wear glasses when you don’t actually need them, but when you have bad eyesight… not really.
Now back to the dress 🙂 You are doing amazing! Small details, like pockets and gray parts on shoulders, make this outfit interesting.

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Ariel tagged this Epically Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is reallly cool and i’m sure my design teacher would love this site, right now im in 7th grade design at an art school and we are venturing the reams of design and soon are to either peice together or design our own outfit. You have given me insperation!!!

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Those tights add an unexpected touch. I like it. My escape this monday… Wearing a dress I made during the Christmas holidays to combat the exam blues!

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noa tagged this p.s.

yay! i was inspired by the jan 8th post, and so i did the dying on one of my beachy cover up type-tops… it looks awesome! it’s a good way to spice up your wardrobe without buying new clothes!

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SarahO tagged this Corporate Funk

You look great – very classy with a funky edge. So hard to get an office look like that! Kudos!

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wasabipear tagged this @noa

dying for a pic! (hah, i’m a dork)

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yes, another fabulous edelweiss creation! sarah is a very talented designer – contemporary and timeless. lucky you.

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this needs work.

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Love today’s outfit. You pull it off so well.

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Claire in Oxford UK tagged this Great

Cool outfit. I like the layered skirt look and the tights. I love the way you often wear flat shoes – which are way more comfortable than heels IMO. I could imagine wearing this.

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I wish the girls in my office would try to be 1/2 as sophisticated and put together as this. Good job! X

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??? ?????????,? ??????? ? ??? ?????? 🙂 (RUSSIA)

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