Saturday, December 11th

Day 11

yummy life

hi im in potato land! my boyfriend’s mom made potato casserole. omg, didn’t know potato is that sweet! she is a very good cook, and i can also tell the potatoes are different than what i have in NY.. i usually choose organic as much as i can. mainly for my health, for the taste, and for a bit of my hope of increasing organics in the world. but if i have no choice, totally ok to get not organics. i always want to feel joy when i eat and organics are good for that, but if my heart feels joy, i’m happy. for example, when i eat the local fresh veggies, when someone special cooks for me, when i eat it, it reminds me of childhood.. on the way to idaho, we ate fast food a lot, and cooked instant food in the car. those were so yummy and charms of my road trip. this was part of my journey to joy. so always my heart decides if a meal is for me or not, but mostly it s joy <3 maybe i just love eating:) but i can feel joy in eating thanks mostly to my health and environment. this border jacket is made of two disused jackets from my people as usual. black suit + red ralph lauren cardigan. i sliced(!) them and put them together.. really appreciate my sweet people for their kindness.. so, i don’t even know those potatoes were organic, possibly not made in idaho! that’d be fun too:). blessings! thanks all, happy yummy december 11. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, border jacket made of 2 jacket by akigoto, maroon stockings, black shoes

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What a great idea with the jacket. Love your creativity. All your outfits scream it out. And looove the little kitties in the last pic. <3

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The jacket is so creative! And like the different line in the UP by buttoning it “off”

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Kittens!!!! Sorry. I think your dog is adorable, but I’m a cat person. 🙂 I love your creativity, the way you’re recycling old items and creating brand new pieces. That appeals to me very much.

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I love to cook but I love more to eat! I get veggies from farmers, they put so much love and care into their produce. I can see the same goes into your clothes. xx

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Cool jacket! And I love that you used teh dress as more of a focal point today.

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potato’s are actually the best food in the world. #justsayinlike. oh and BTW FYI check this out :: :: Potato equipment manufactured in Idaho, United States. maybe you could pick some up while you’re there…! ha! random i know, don’t even ask how i found it… miss you akichan.

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