Saturday, October 9th

Day 9

Here we go again!

So just like a few days ago i will be playing a show tonight, so the dress will be going through a few phases throughout the day. In the spirit of “jungle disco” i’ve decided to go with my metallic leopard print tights- worn with my fringe belt as a necklace and some neutral shoes. I’m opening for Miike Snow tonight and at some point i promise to squeeze some dough out of those swedes.. or at least a phone number – hell boyfriend season is slowly approaching! speaking of – not as cheery as i normally am – a Parisian boy broke my heart but then again we all know how to fix this. Tonight’s menu calls for studded 4 inch pumps – sheer backseem pantyhose and all the sass of Ms Jay and Tyra combined! Wish me luck ladies!




You look so beautiful every day. I hope you have a great time tonight! =)

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Those boys don’t stand a chance! Can’t believe how much you’re rockin’ the metallic leopard print tights (which by all logic should be gauche) and repurposed fringe belt as a necklace. Every day is like a gift with you, Isis! Danke!

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Another awesome outfit! But what, exactly, is ‘boyfriend season’?

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boyz like shiny things, you’re set.

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Like the lipcolour…what is it?

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I love that belt as a necklace. Totally transforms the dress!

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My favourite look so far. I also want to know what you’re wearing on your lips!

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Getting better and better

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any chance of a link to photos of your gig? i don’t know many people who could pull off this look so convincingly – i mean, gold leopard leggings? lilo must be furious!!!

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Boyfriend season is the period between mid-december till the end of Feb when us canadians are forced to hibernate and need a companion to watch CSI marathons with. – Its something i made up a while ago.

Mac Violeta Lipstick w/ Mac Vino lip pencil

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Isis, you’re the best! I’ve been following you until day one and love (I mean LOVED) every single day so far. Seriously, this French boy must be an idiot! I’ld love to see pics of your gig too!
P.S. Love the Tyra Banks/Ms Jay reference!!

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You’re awesome.

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something tells me you don’t need any luck. strut it tonight and forget about the boy.

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You are fierce, girl!

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Love the belt around the dress and your overall style. Awesome

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talk about awesome animal prints! You look like a LION QUEEN! Girl! MMM! You are so gorgeous!

Ur gonna do great!

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ooohhhhh love that lipstick color on you!!

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I absolutely love your style! Great work, great dress, great cause, and AWESOME red streaks in your hair.

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Wow! All of your looks are AMAZING! I haven’t disliked one! October’s going to be an awesome month (:

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belt into necklace = love love love.
when you re-purpose, it’s awesome.

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I decided I would pick my favorite of the week and donate there, but you’ve made it hard to decide! Monday’s tights-as-headband? Tuesday’s overall look? Wednesday’s belt as bracelet – and those boots? All the great tights and bracelets and hats? The entire week’s a winner, and so’s the cause. Donation’s on the way

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