Friday, October 8th

Day 8

A wonderful day in the neighborhood

I don’t know what’s in the air but the sun is shining, i got Toots & The Maytals’ version of “Shanty Town” bumping in my apartment and i’m feeling fantastic! To be honest before i started this project i had a moment when i considered the possibility of getting some kind of Stockholm syndrome from being held hostage in the same dress for 31 days, when in fact what has actually happened is the opposite – i feel liberated! A sense of zen – or is it Feng Shui? I have no idea lol but what i do know is it’s nice to remember the simple things – and here’s a high 5 to all the accessory designers!

Til now i’ve totally underestimated the value of a pair of shoes, a hat, bracelets and or, leather studded biker gloves. Vintage denim studded vest and black wooden geometric bracelets was all i needed today to put a smile on the mail man’s face. 🙂

Read about what goes into Making a Classic LBD >


christine tagged this Hot

love the blazer

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Loooove those bracelets! Your style is amazing… And i love your cause too. Keep it up! 🙂

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Great call out re: the importance of accessories. Love the vibe today. Casual chic!

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Those shoes! Awesome.
I’m loving you in this dress so much it’s easy to imagine you wearing it for 31 days or more… it’s getting easier to imagine myself doing it, too!

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Love your style! So glad you signed on to be a pilot – wish you were doing this all year!

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you always sound so happy. It makes me happy 🙂 Thanks for positive thinking

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You have the best shoes! I have serious shoe envy right now.

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Payal tagged this 🙂

Your mail man’s and our’s! 2 laptops! Yayyy!

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school gyrl watcha got! I dont know how but the denim vest really gives it that school gyrl sense. i spelled it like that because of my obsessive fandom for school gyrls! Anyway love the outfit! You look like a total goddess in every picture. Keep on keepin on!

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Lisa tagged this great

Thanks to you I’m starting to be a fan of the U.P. again, I like your style, how you write and the white background is perfect.

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Now it got me, this outfit makes me think of the queen of the night out of the magic flute.

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