Tuesday, February 8th

Day 8

Sars Guard Hard

its finally warm enough to get on the roof! This is the view from on top of my new workshop, not too bad, eh? Today I’m day dreaming about mesh tank tops and roof top BBQs.

Everyone, check out this rad video:
50 girls + 1 LBD + Amsterdam = LEUK!

Today’s Leggings and Sweatshirt by RHLS and photos by J.R. Delia


Ashe tagged this Comfy in style

Love the Sweatshirt, in colour and design! And love the dress off the shoulder!

A long time ago


Love It. Look forward to being on the roof with you, too. You don’t even look tooooooooo cold.

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Haaniah tagged this superly super

I blogged about you guys, unfortunately before february so I didnt get to include these super cool outifts ! http://thecoverfelloff.blogspot.com/p/spoonful-of-demerara.html x ps. I love your roof!!

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wow! the dress becomes part of something greater than the sum of its parts.

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You’re weird, but i like you.

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I love the sweatshirt! I’ve been too busy to comment, but I’ve been checking your dailies out. Great work so far!

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I think every pilot should have to do a rooftop photo! I’m also curious what the dress would look like if it were made out of a different material.

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noa tagged this cool

cool video + cool colors + cool angles + cool view + cool leggings + cool sweatshirt + cool dress = AWESOME PILOT 🙂

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summer tagged this don’t jump!

i know you’re safe, but my stomach dropped when i saw you standing on that wall! beautiful clouds, beautiful city, beautiful you. you look like a superhero for hot style.

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Ashe tagged this @Ruby and @Sarah

Good thought Ruby. The dress in another fabric would interest me too.

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kat tagged this Edgy

I like! It’s an edgy look! Love the sweatshirt! You have a creative energy, keep it up! Sorry to say, big glasses should have never been brought back from the 80s – (as a glasses wearer myself, big does not mean you see better/more/clear/whatever).

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loving the shape shifting futurist design of this dress but wonder like Ruby, how it would be in a diffrenent material.

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Amoniel tagged this Awesome

Love the tights 😀

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Sci-fy! Sexy!

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