Sunday, February 6th

Day 6

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Pre U.P. I was freaking out trying to plan 28 days of accessorizing. I reached out to a bunch etsy sellers. Within minutes I had positive responses from 15 shops! I’m continually impressed by the generosity and support available in the Etsy community. Today I’m wearing this amazing poncho graciously donated by EMBERvintage. Without the help of Etsy and eBay vintage shops, I’d probably end up wearing only sweatpants for the last two weeks of February.

I like how the angular play of the poncho triangle plays off my dress. Similar shape but a completely different feel. I unzipped the lower right panel to create an asymmetrical angle to contrast the movement of the poncho. I’m a huge fan of anything huge but I wanted to keep some of my women flare so i made a belt. One piece of 2 inch elastic + a couple snaps (you could use velcro as well) = stretch versatile belt to add shape.

Ok today’s the first day of the beginning of the end of my sanity/ or maybe the return to sanity. My business partner Mackswell and I are shooting our look book, styling each look, finishing pieces on the fly and throwing a juice-social-benefit for City Harvest at the same time. We’re genius-idiots! Hope the beet juice stays off the samples!

Photos by J.R. Delia, poncho from embervintage and vintage boots from the eBay Green Team.



Love it, Especially with the belt. Keep smiling

A long time ago


thanks mom! I forgot to mention, the bracelet is another fantastic piece from Andy Lifschutz. It can also be worn as a necklace. love multifunctionality!

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md tagged this curious

is there a story behind those glasses?

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Penny V. tagged this Peculiar

The outfit does not strike a chord with me, as I’m a fan of brighter colours. The belt lifts the outfit to a greater level and makes it work!

The glasses may be fashionable, but they don’t do anything good to 99.8% of female faces out there, and Sarah, you’re in the crowd with me who look iffy in them. Although the poncho and glasses work, if you aimed for a 70s look.

I’d wear the poncho with my “uniform”, plain dark blue straight-legged jeans, and a thin black turtleneck sweater.

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the half belt on the poncho is a great idea. i’m not usually a fan of brown but …

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Good idea with the belt on only half of the poncho. I’ll be trying that out. I’m a supporter of wearing black and brown together.

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I like your boots! I like that this outfit is sort of unfashionable-fashionable. Like, you wear some less trendy pieces with some trendier ones, and it makes for an interesting artsy look. Cute!

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Farmer Beth tagged this I’m with Ruby

I love brown and black together. And somehow I think the high-style dress really works with the folksy poncho.

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thanks for the comment, I’m a huge fan of black and brown together as you can see. This poncho isnt something id normally pick out but I totally fell in love. The yarn is an amazing mix of chartruese and pink and it is so comfertable to work in.

About the glasses md… There isn’t much of a story. I love oversized clothing and accessories. I like to dress minimally with one or two crazy additions to make my style easy yet unique. And the huge lenses are easy to see out of

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Izzy tagged this Belt Bou-ya!

I like this look… and that smile.

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Ashe tagged this Feminine

You can work it! The poncho looks great on you and you turn a usually granny accessory into something stylish and very feminine. Also like brown and black together.

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ammakke tagged this cool& elegant

Oh! I love that poncho on you & I have one exactly like yours gifted to me by a “close “… relative & I am just waiting for the weather to get milder so that I can “show off” in that!! I do like that shade on you..

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Love the glasses and the haircut! Who cares about the norms of female beauty? I think you really own your look. Keep up the good work!

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