Monday, December 6th

Day 6


hi there! how is it going? cold? here it’s better today because it’s about 20F(-6C) you know.. omg, ny friends i’ve evolved!! no snow since last night but the stars were so so pretty instead. they looked like snow flakes staying at the night sky.

kaya (our sweetie) loves snow. when my boyfriend starts loosing speed to stop the car, she gets so excited immediately as she is imagining jumping into the snow. i think she is a little more sensitive and serious compared with others. yesterday, from inside the car she was barking at a herd of cattle gathering miles away so they looked like tiny ants. and at that timing, she seriously started eating her food put in front of her. usually she is not a big eater, but eats well when she faces on her ‘enemies’ not to get it taken by them. well, sorry baby, i don’t think they can hear you and are interested in your food, i mean.. they absolutely don’t care about you 🙁 but i like that she is just doing her best and serious any time. never gives up. and simply lovable. because her expression is always coming from her heart and runs straight forward to her aim. i feel like i am witnessing the ‘truth’… haha, do i sound funny? i think so:):) but this is like human babies and children, no? they express themselves honestly and strongly, which is just in the different level than adults’, so it is very surprising and precious for me whenever i get to feel it. they all deserve to express! would be nice to support Songs For Kids for all of us hoping much preciousness increases. <3 thanks kaya, for your preciousness. don’t bark at cows so much though, you might become a good friend with cows soon.. with horses for sure! so, ok babe? happy precious december 6 to everyone! xa

today’s outfit: my LBD, green jump suit donated by the eBay Green Team, preowned white shoes.

japanese translation >


Lisa tagged this five stars

woaw the picture in the mountians, that’s a new dimension of great pictures at the UP.

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ivy parasol

You are just so freakin’ cool! I am soooo loving this month already! So much great fashion already! + Your dog is awesome!!

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Erin tagged this perfect

Aki, you are such a cool, independent spirit! The incredible mountain photo was the one that made me donate. It made me realize how lucky we are to be healthy, to be able to roam around, and to be able to see and experience beautiful things. Good luck with your trip and keep up the awesomeness!

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wow, after living in japan and ny, you must be seeing the stars as they truly are in the sky, not hidden behind the shadow of city lights. also, the sky looks so blue and enormous, it must be doing your spirit good!

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OMG, I just love your texts, you’re so sweet.

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scary. tagged this true blue baby.

another stunner aki chan and what is that super cool looking building behind you?? x

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That last picture is AMAZING!!! Cute look! 🙂

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You rock that jump suit!! Love the bodice of it. And the view – where is that? It’s beautiful!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Green Goddess Sprite

You are just weaving magic here, Lovely Aki. And that Kaya pup is rockin’ her own LBD. There’s an idea: an LBD for dogs.

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…would have never thought to wear sneakers with that outfit, but its fly!

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miimii tagged this cool

the pictures are so cool and your dog looks adorable. very cool outfit!

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topo3 tagged this Amazing

This is the BEST pilot so far! So artistic and inspiring. And a really nice LBD that I want! Aki Goto, you are such an interesting character! I look forward to reading your entry every day.

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I am loving the creativity of your outfits. You are very sweet and I look forward to your daily entries and photos for this month 🙂

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none of your outfits are to my taste but they are very interesting. not sure how well some of them would be in a ‘normal’ working enviroment though?

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SRG tagged this SO COOL

Seriously — you are the coolest!!

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emmerelda tagged this gotta love dogs

OOOOOOOH!!!! I HAVE A DOG TOO!!!!! I know what you mean about expressing their feelings honestly and truthfully. I could go on for ages about all the cute things my family’s dogs do!

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