Saturday, December 4th

Day 4

find fun

Hi everyone. How is over there? Here, near Madison, it’s so white!! and huge. Huge fields, huge cars, huge barns, huge sky, huge everything. I thought the sky in Brooklyn was very big so I used to show it off to my Manhattan friends. And now forgot it.Last night we saw the huge trailer like a bus carried by a tiny pick up. It was cute. Every time we see the incredible big trailers or whatever new and too much for us, we get excited. Just because we are carrying a trailer too. And I feel like we are all the same company. Our trailer is the tiniest though 🙂

This is almost like my habit- I like to find anything little fun or funny from boring or even nothing, and then that often seems cool or cute at the same time. I make clothes with only disused clothes and fabrics given by my people so i hardly ever purchase materials myself. If every single piece not needed any more has another new possibility, isn’t it exciting? This down skirt (!) used to be a vest, as you knew.. It wouldn’t be worn any more if it stayed as it was, but now it is upside-down and reborn as a skirt and became even cool! haha, I’m serious though..<3

I realize that every LBD has many possibilities literally, and so as my LBD, I feel. It is fun that many originalities could be born from the same dress. Ok friends, happy December 4 and wish you a fun fun one. xa

Today’s outfit: my LBD, upside-down down jacket skirt by akigoto (the jacket is given by my stylist friend Masayo), rain boots donated by the eBay Green Team and vintage sunglasses.

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scary. tagged this epical fashion.

you got this.

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miimii tagged this cool

very original. i really liked how you did that with the vest. keep up the good work chica!

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Marthe tagged this woohooo!

wowow! Now THIS is creativity! love your looks and style.. 🙂 (never expected this the first day you started, but i like this surprise..)

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love the innovative reuse and you pull it of most importantly! cute dog hood too! keep it up!

A long time ago


OMG. You made a DOWN SKIRT. That is just….there are not words. That’s awesome. Also, sweet dog hood thing!

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aki tagged this thanks for the comments everyone<3

we are staying over night at some motel for the first time so got the stable internet connection 🙂 now here, middle of minnesota it is around 5 degrees(F!) = -15 degrees(C). wow what should i put on tomorrow morning! xoxo

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Farmer Beth

Aki Goto, you are Super Cool. The thumbnail of the second photo is like an optical illusion. Just Super Cool.

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emma tagged this yay for madison!

i live in madison – you should have stopped by for some hot chocolate! that would have warmed you on this snowy, blowy day!

you are adorable! love this month already!!

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noa tagged this 🙂

you are so creative! i love the down skirt!!!!!!

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noa tagged this

i am dying of love for that dog hood. oh. my. god.

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Very very creative! I would love to hear more about your charity though, you have hardly mentioned it and maybe more people would donate if you gave us some more information. Keep up the good work..x

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Nobue, Beijing tagged this Oo-go-sho

hi aki chan. You are appealing in dignified air today. May be because of your lovely tops. It looks like ka-mi-shi-mo, full-dress suit for samuraaai.
This afternoon some of my friends will come to my house and we’ll bake lots of cheese cakes. I’m sure to introduce you to them. You’ll get hot beijinger friends soon!

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bananashit tagged this this totally made me =)

Yes! Pictures taken in the snow = true love.
Fantastic color and creativity.

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sally tagged this méga top cool

W.O.W. the dog cape-thing is just TOO GOOD. love your approach to this, your writing is so beautiful, poetic almost. have a good trip,

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emmerelda tagged this So adorable

Haha! Way to keep your butt warm! And I LOVE your dog’s coat with teh little peephole for her eyes!

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samuso—–! but you looking fun cute. love the skirt, I want one.

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