Friday, December 3rd

Day 3

start the journey

hey hey I’m not in ny now:) we left there in the evening finally and drove straight for 7 hrs but very very slow because we’re carrying lots of stuff including my boyfriend’s working tools with the trailer. we three slept at the rest area in the middle of Pennsylvania, and then woke up in the natural light and made some morning coffee outside. doesn’t it sound very nice and comfy? omg, it’s so freeeezing here!! i spilled all of my nice hot coffee out without tasting cuz one of my darlings, the little one suddenly started running with her leash.. ok baby, I understand that it’s so exciting for you here. slightly snowing and a kind of large dirt area, not like in ny. do it baby. but you’ll have an unbelievable huge view in the near future, can you handle it? this is just a rest don’t get too excited yet, you know. i’ve been pretty much excited though. already snowing and my blanketty jacket is doing an awesome job now. and my LBD makes it more stylish, don’t you think? wow, while i am talking to my little darling, we have just got in Ohio! the trees, road and sometimes lakes! even forever from now! hurray.

thank you all so much for the sweet comments, they are much more precious for me than my lost phone:) have a great day, and happy December 3 to everyone. xa

today’s outfit: my LBD vest, yellow jacket by Norma Kamali given to me by my stylist friend Masayo, with a silver patch (hiding a shocking huge hole made by me, [by akigoto]), red stockings and black shoes.

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coooooool. these pictures really capture the drive across the country perfectly. the swift truck in the background: classic. and that highlighter jacket with the dress as vest is really great. translucent!

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You are just plain adorable. And I love your outfits so far! Enjoy the snow. 🙂

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nice dress, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.
What part of Idaho are you going? I grew up there. Now I am in Montana

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i really like the jacket. it just pops out and really completes the outfit. great job today!

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Love the posts and love the outfits… what a fun month!

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looks like your companion has it’s own little black dress on! such a change from ny; all that space. everyone loves a road trip!

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That is quite the coat! Lookin’ good.

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aki-mang!! Aren’t you freeeezing? i think you can put your legs through the sleeves. wear it like Deka-pan. better to avoid chilly wind from underneath.

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scary. tagged this wants this.

loveeeeens. i want this coat so bad.

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Jacket too oversized. Red, holey stockings! Goodness me!

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