Tuesday, August 31st

Day 31

Last day, WHATTT!!!!!?

I can’t believe August is over, I mean I can, but am I really expected to take this dress off? Here you can see I am celebrating with the sis, pink princess slip under the dress and pink party hat on da headsies. Vintage like the slip, I really think this hat is great, although I often have a hard time wearing them I admit to collecting some funny hats. I am always so in awe of the way some women throughout fashion history have chosen to adorn their heads, from the wigs of 18th century french royalty to the oversized hats in easter parades and on the famous head of a women on her way to have her breakfast at tiffany’s, the flowers braided atop Frida Kahlo… A woman with a hat on is ready; you can think about her looking herself in the face, in her mirror at home, admiring the way she looks in a crown, because isn’t a hat just a more practical crown… The shoes are handed down to me from my mother (another woman deserving her crown).

I am so thankful for all of the support I have been given and that has been given to Our School at Blair Grocery through this amazing project. And now, finally (!) you can get my dress!!! Treat yourself, you deserve to feel good about supporting the School. Know when your wear your own that you are wearing a symbol, not only is this a lovely and versatile dress (if I may say so myself!) but it represents the fact that you cared enough to give.

Thanks again,




It was a wonderful month of fashion and art…good luck in your first year of college! Also, I found the piece that Style Like U did last year on you…loved it!

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Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Awesome – out with a bang! I love this outfit! Congrats on all of your hard work and your first year in college. <3

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Mary tagged this Cute

You did a wonderful job this month! Although I really liked everything, Aug. 7 and 21 were my favorites. Thanks for making August so much fun.

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stina tagged this brava

loved following your pilot month. thanks for sharing your voice and vision. p.s. the hat has a great profile!

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SRG tagged this so cooooooool

Great job with that fundraising and Good luck in school!!

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Claire tagged this take a bow:)

Nice job India! You’ve raised $1,500+! Be veryvery proud of yourself 🙂 And as always, YOUR LITTLE SISTER IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE!

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BunnyLaces tagged this Brave

Well, I know that this month has been good, because I always was so eager to see what you chose to wear with your LBD every day that I usually checked the site a couple times before you’d even posted yet. That being said, you should be proud of yourself and the individuality you brought to to this project. On day one you said that you wanted to name your dress, but that you would wait to find a suitable name. Did you finally decide on one?

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J tagged this Hatty!

I’ve loved watching you..
I saw you on Style Like U and was pleasantly surprised to find you here!

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thanks so much for sharing with us India, it’s been fun to see what you came up with. i imagine your dress won’t disappear from you wardrobe tomorrow! you’ve been a great first pilot, congratulations on the total.

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wasabipear tagged this congrats i!

thoroughly enjoyed your candid write-ups this month. now you have a lil online diary, a month frozen in the net. anxious to see what OSBG will do with the funds. xx.j.

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scary. tagged this the last.

congrats loveens! can i borrow ya lil sis when i get back to nyc pleassse?? x

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canadiancheryl tagged this Cute

great job India! It’s been so fun and inspiring and after LBD withdrawal in June and July, it was wonderful to smile each day. Be proud of yourself ! Your genuine desire to help and share is admirable… good luck in school this year….

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Great Hat!!! Congratulations on a very profitable month–May God bless you for your kindness.

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summer tagged this Hot

have SO enjoyed the UP this month, great job India! thanks for sharing bits of your life and self every day.

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thank you so much for being an inspiration!!!!!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Bright blessings!

What a sense of individual style. What artfulness. What a terrific cause. What personal charm and grace and beauty and humor. Thanks for a great month, India. I hope we see more of you again somewhere sometime. The world needs artists and dreamers like you.

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Farmer Beth tagged this Oh, and. . .

. . .what wicked, wicked, wicked cool shoes!

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miimii tagged this Brave

this has been an amazing month. and i really loved this outfit. you have inspired me to reuse my clothes in different ways, i hope you have a great time in college

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sheena tagged this one up

You took this and made it your own with your mad outfits and your delightful blurbs. Congratulations on the what you raised for OSBG. Can we steal Lola for future piloting??

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Sass tagged this one down

Thanks India for sharing your unique style, quirky commentary, the Icelandic adventures and the oh-so-adorable little sis!

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noa tagged this beautiful

you deserve a crown, too! congratulations on all that you have done for Our School at Blair Grocery, we will miss you!!!!

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Goodbye and thanks for taking up this project. Good luck to you and to OSBG!

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kp tagged this love

I really enjoyed checking out your daily reinventions! Good luck at school!

Now who’s next?! I want more!

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I’ll miss you! Thanks for the delightful month.

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

Congrats India on finishing the month! You did a brave and darling job. Good luck with college – it can be a magical time (when you ignore all the tests 😉

Moving to NYC in a few months, I’ll be sure to look out for that beauticorn in the crowds 🙂

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