Monday, August 30th

Day 30


Today I am starting my first week of classes at Hunter college, very excited, and not TOO nervous. Buttoned up front collar on top dress top and paired it with a lovely threeASFOUR denim skirt (one which has been donated, so yes you can take it from me and I won’t tattle) and a vintage belt. Also a “Beauticorn” day of course…and check out those snazy orthopedic shoes! Two more days left to my fundraiser for Blair Grocery, please donate if you haven’t yet!


ina tagged this Cute

college is one of the best places to be everything you can be – enjoy yourself!

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Tati tagged this Yay

Yay! First week in college is SO exciting. Have fun!

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Mary tagged this Brave

Enjoy your first day of college! Love the outfit (and the courageous and beautiful hairstyle).

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Congratulations India – you are terrific! Have a wonderful first day/week/month/year! – And beautiful belt (and hairdo, of course)!!

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noa tagged this yay!!! beauticorn!

wow have fun at college!!! i can’t believe summer is almost over 🙁

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scary. tagged this get your educatiON.

not only a great school but the best wellingtons money can buy. essential festival wear – .. anyone care to join? actually college is much like a festival really isn’t it? it’s all about sex, drugs and sleep deprivation. fantastic times! enjoy and good luck sista. 🙂

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Talk about stepping into a whole new phase in style! You look stunning! All the best…enjoy every second of it!

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it all looks good, even the shoes! congrats on the big jump in donations. I love the turquoise belt. if that’s where you live (background) it looks like a fabulous rambling place.

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mm tagged this 2 K today!

Y knot.
Thads Y.
c’mon people let’s make it happen.

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Love the slim silhouette. Have fun at your first college day.

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Simple but so effective! I too LOVE the belt. Can’t remember, will you auction the accessories like Sheena did? Anyway, best luck at college! I’m sure you’ll have fun (which is the most important part).

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