Saturday, October 30th

Day 30


I spent most of the night in the studio last night so i missed out on whatever madness that might have gone on but tonight is the night i plan to join the rest of the hooligans. I ordered a pair of glow in the dark stripe tights from this costume site and have yet to get them. It’s almost a bad as wanting a pony for xmas and only getting a barbie camp set! I’m going to have to run around later tonight to see if i can find some replacements. I also need a really big hat! I’m holding off on posting my actual outfit till the 31st.. so sit tight.

Today i had to bring back out the preppy plaid tights, along with this great silk black vintage blouse that i layered under the dress to add some volume and warmth. Pretty simple i know.. but thats all the reason to really go all out tomorrow night.

At 6 Laptops right now, let’s try for 10! >



your jewelry is fabulous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rings and bracelet. This month has been the best of the 3 to follow. You have been wonderful and fun! Thank you!

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I wish I had more money to give! However, last ditch effort, why not write to Bill Gates? Send him a quick email and maybe he’ll surprise you! It couldn’t hurt.

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Great fundraising, great outfits.

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Your creativity has been really inspiring and fun this month – have loved checking out your outfits and have enjoyed this month the most so far – you are fab! xxx

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Loving the layering. The silk blouse looks amazing underneath and changes the look of the dress. I’ve loved watching all your outfits this month. And have just noticed all the different buttons on all the dresses! Can’t wait to get my hands on this LBD myself.

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Being the self-described (well, described by many) “Queen of Halloween,” I CAN’T WAIT to see your costume!! Thank you for a GREAT month! Have loved your vibrancy & sense of humor added to this Project!

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Oakland Etsuko

You’ve really set the bar, its been such a fun month! Go Isis!

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