Thursday, February 3rd

Day 3


Ok the suspense is over I couldn’t wait.. Zip! Unzip! Twist! Flip! Now I have a hooded poncho to accent my favorite RHLS XXL tank from our upcoming spring collection… ABRAH-KAH-STAB-YAH! Check Anna rocking it in our new sci fi mini series lookbook, ****!. Also just opened a store in Greenpoint… MOVES! It’s dreamy, you can find the RHLS collection paired with treasures from some of our favorite local designers. Like the necklace I’m wearing made by Andy Lifschutz. We also stock StudyNY, the line from U.P’s own Tara St.James. Clothing, jewelry, sneakers, vinyl, art… Radical! MOVES, like my LBD, does a million things esp. fun events. Please come by proceeds from all events this month go to City Harvest >

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  • 2/6 = Juice party. Bring fresh fruits, vegetables & create nutritious beverages!
  • 2/13 = Cheap Cuts, Cheap Talk haircut waffle brunch. Local hair dressers giving cheap trims. Experimental waffles by donation. All proceeds to City Harvest.
  • 2/17 = CH Fundraising Party! Guest speakers on eating healthy.

Wearing RHLS tank, necklace from Andy and vintage boots donated by eBay.



clever idea to tie in some fund raisers. surprised you find the time; you’ve sure got a lot going on!

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Cool transformation, colourful shirt, like it.

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Woah! Totally unexpected…

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scary. tagged this get out da way.

f*^%in obsessed.

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go sarah go! looking so fresh! as always you come from the future to inform the present with ur fabulosity 😉
kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius*, treehouse brooklyn

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summer tagged this congrats on your brick&mortar!

bananas over this month, your look, and your cause!

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I enjoy your style: Very edgy and chic.

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Would you really wear this if you weren’t fundraising? I mean seriously?! Looks like the pilots (except wasabipear and the girl who wore the long dress) are wearing LBDs that are so not practical. I mean what is this? But your cause is fantastic! Love City Harvest…I watched Eric Ripert in a City Harvest episode on TV.

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great charity to fundraise for! i admit i’m not having a positive reaction to the looks so far but i’m willing to keep checking it out.

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What I’m really loving about the UP this year is the variety between the different pilots. Remember way back in August when people were scandalized that India cut her dress in half? Now it’s a Super-Grrrrl Cape! This is art, IMO, to impose a limit and then see how many ways you can twist the rules. Love this look!

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love the transformation of the LBD here! you’re really rocking it.

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