Tuesday, October 26th

Day 26

Colour me crazy!

Its a super gloomy day in Toronto – grey skies everywhere! So what better way to defeat the gloom and doom than to throw on some disco! I’m wearing another eBay Green Team donated vintage piece – this amazing top with great shoulders and what could only be described as disco colours was the perfect choice for a gloomy day like this. I’ve also found my old pair of blue vintage ankle high leather booties.. i scored these babies at Beacons Closet – my little slice of heaven in Williamsburg.

What better way to top off this disco cupcake then with a cute handmade flower headband donated by the lovely ladies from City and Country School in New York who threw an accessory fundraiser sale for OLPC last week! I’m not really sure where would be the perfect place for an outfit like this… but im heading to the coffee shop and they will just have to deal!

Read more about the girls’ accessory fundraiser >


wasabipear tagged this techniColour

that top is a cropped dream coat…

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Amy tagged this over-the-top (in a good way)

“disco cupcake” — SO fitting 🙂

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holly tagged this fearless

somehow me thinks you never dress as a wallflower, UP month or not

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emmerelda tagged this WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Have you ever heard teh song ‘Tightrope by Janelle Monae? At the beginning, she lets out this really high note, like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! And that’s teh sound I wanted to make when I saw this outfit. The top is just AWESOME’ and the shoes are… are… oh, gosh. I just can’t find the words. Really, really gorgeous.

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Tyler tagged this glitterlicious

This combination is delectable. Love the trio of fabulousness!

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Christina tagged this Those shoes are hot

Loving the outdoor pictures – gives a sense of context to the outfit and really adds something 🙂 Looking great today!

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Payal tagged this Cool!

The awesome-est part of today’s super awesome post is – that you’re wearing that to the coffee shop. You are so cool, maaaannn!

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Love how so many of your outfits can easily be converted to be suitable for anyone of any age and any shape. Take black sleek basics and top them with a shimmery, colorful, sophisticated print and you’ve got yourself a killer outfit. Great job!

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Happen to see India (August’s pilot) on The Sartorialist blog (10/26/2010) http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/
This day you both are wearing splashes of orange and red. Is this a plot?? ))

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Love the boots!!

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I ‘m getting a retro vibe and I’m liking it.

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This is pretty much my favorite so far! Awesome job! Keep up the good work 🙂

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loooove the disco colors!!!! i like the last shot, it looks very photographical (?)… it’s just a cool photo– it might be the boots!

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sweet shoes!

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your shoes are wonderful, you are wonderful and your alice band reminds me of these flowers we have in South Africa 🙂

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