Monday, October 25th

Day 25

Countdown to Halloween

EEEK! Looking back now i probably should have chosen a month that didn’t have a dress up holiday! I never dress up for Halloween and now i feel like i have to. But i have no idea what the hell i’m going to wear! Every year – on 1 magical day the streets are filled with some grotesque and the sexy and somewhere in between the two extremes i need to find my niche. Oh yeah and did i mention i also have to wear this dress! I’m going to need all the help i can get so please start sending in your costume ideas.

Today i threw on just the dress! A return of the flower prints tights and neat grey cardigan that i picked up months ago – i love the volume on the shoulders really turns up the fierce on what could normally be a pretty tame look.



I never noticed before that the dress had such cool buttons! I love the tights and sweater, very cute! Good job!!

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Ginger tagged this THE BEST!

Truly, this is my favorite incarnation of your LBD. Thank you for letting simple be stunning.

A long time ago


I was JUST stalking those tights online the other day! Love love love them, and your look. Those shoulders are great.

A long time ago


Yes, this is my favorite of the month too! Effortless – chic – simple :).

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE these tights!! They are super cute.

I think (like I’m doing myself) is be a witch- you have a black dress already- and the shoes you are wearing here will go GREAT! just pick up a hat (which you can get for a whole dollar at target- and some crazy tights and youre good! Keep up the good work!

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Payal tagged this Correction.

I don’t think you could look tame even if you tried! LURVE this look.

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o. tagged this great!

omg, where can i get those tights?

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I love seeing the details of the dress! Can you show more detailed photos of how cute it is?
ps..Where did you get those tights!?
pps… I think you should take on the month of november as well.. what do you think?

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holly tagged this 100% top to toe

cute, love it all. you are gorgeous

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For your costume, why not be the laptop?

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I want this dress now.

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Shamdoogle tagged this Simply Sexy

Love the sexy simplicity and button detail! You’ve got my $$$ not only for the look but this is also a great cause!

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Lovely, as always! Your pilot is my favorite!

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nonymus tagged this Wonderful outfit! 🙂

I love the square, stud-like buttons on your UP dress 🙂

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summer tagged this cool cardi

you could dress as your rock idol. or marry poppins. or cat woman. or a rockabilly chic. or a spider with stuffed leggings legs. i’ve enjoyed all your leggings this month & your long legs are your best accessory. oh, and i really like that cardi.

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I am loving this look. So effortless and cool. I agree with others, those buttons are amazing. This dress looks great forwards and backwards.

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i have loved every outfit youve put together this month, very inspiring =) you are really beautiful.

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My favorite this month. Beautiful stockings, and cool jacket.

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I like your outfits. As for Halloween, I think something in the spirit of the project might be nice – such as a great fashion/music role model in history. Not to be cheesy of course, but there are some fabulous characters from women’s history, and African American women in particular.

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U R working it girl I love this otfit. I would definitely wear it.

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