Tuesday, January 25th

Day 25

Ethiopian Hipster

Ah categorization. Ever since I moved to Williamsburg there’s been an ongoing debate as to whether I am a “hipster.” Why? I suppose it’s a two way street. People identify with labels to fit in and people are labeled for the same reason. I think the need for categorization is more about defining their identity, not mine.

So, yes I am a hipster if you want me to be. But if that’s the case I’m also a punk and a wannabe and a mod and a rocker and a prep and a fag-hag and a dancing-queen and a rude-girl and a valley-girl and a tomboy and a reggae ambassador…

I like being who I yam. xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD skirt worn zip open and top worn proper. Stud pants. Stunning hand embroidered¬†Ethiopian shawl. The shoes previously worn by a heel-clicking Italian boy.

P.S Our Classic LBD pattern is back >



Simple style once again. Add a little flash of color and pow your back on course. Brave on the shoes, but then I see red in the shawl too, nice.

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I love those shoes.

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Ruby tagged this did you get raid my closet?

First of all, I 100% feel you on your categorization policy. I have tried to live by the same rule. I yam what I yam! I think that’s why I have identified with you the most out of all of the LBD Pilots. Second of all, I lurve the studs on your pants. Where did you find those? Please tell me you bedazzled them yourself. haha. Lastly, as an advocate for the color red, I approve of those shoes.
Take care!!

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oh man I WISH i bedazzled them myself!! i got them about 2-3 years ago from…. ehhhhh somewhere i don’t shop much, who’s target market is def “the hipster” put it that way ,)

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want want want want those pants, grrl!

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riot grrl. forgot about that one!

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Today your outfit reminds me of what Dorothy would be wearing if she dropped into Brooklyn in 2011. Love it!!

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I guess everyone belongs to some tribe or another – whether its punk, hipster, businessman, hippie etc. But there can be crossover… Just because someone wears a suit during the day, doesn’t mean they are not wild behind closed doors!

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Now that you mentioned categorization… There is this project where some photographers have been taking photos of people on the streets for the last 16 years. Then they categorized them into various groups and you can see the results on their web site. Have a look, if you have time, it’s pretty unbelievable! http://www.exactitudes.com/index.php?/series/overview/23
I’m sure they couldn’t put you in any of those groups, you definitely stand out!

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