Friday, February 25th

Day 25

Black Out

I’m getting ready for the City Harvest benefit party at MOVES today, preparing our entire space for the “chopped and screwed twister” game Mackswell and I made up for tonight. Here’s the gist: I’m about to paint different “color zones” all over the floor and walls of our space. Everyone who comes to the party dresses in monochrome and becomes part of the game. It is basically a giant twister game but you can team up with other players. Obviously I will be wearing black this evening, but i decided to cheat a lil and throw in some silver. These shoes are another treasure from Treehouse Brooklyn. They are Capezio dance shoes so they are solid and comfortable. I can wear heels to the party and still rule at chopped and screwed twister. Necklace donated by Decorating Yourself

If you can’t make it to the benefit party tonight, you can join us in spirit by donating here >



treehouse brooklyn

so glad those awesome shoes found a great home! have fun tonight!!!!
kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* treehouse

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Have a fabulous successful night. Hope you raise tons and tons of money. You look spectacular.

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Guess who else is coming in black. (^.^)
See ya tonight!

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Oh yeah! Love it!

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Also, tomorrow, you should post some pictures of the event! I bet it will look pretty cool inside.

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love photo 2; a different look at the dress and those excellent shoes!!

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cool shoes!

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the zippers on this dress are super. today, i see a harlequin pattern, tomorrow, totally different!

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