Thursday, February 24th

Day 24

Hello from the Branches!

Today I’m posting from the branches of Treehouse Brooklyn. I stopped by this morning to let Siri dress me up in a few of the treasures in her store. First of all, check out this shirt from Siri’s line Sirius…. she hand dyed soy jeresy using tea and then twisted and braided and sewed it up into this tunic. Next gaze upon the shoes, sexy clown shoes from the 70’s. I was on the fence about these until I put them on. I cant resist primary colors and simple shapes. Then to finish it off, Siri tied this 80s geometric silk around my head. We photographed this look in the top secret backroom of Treehouse that time forgot. I’m in love with this corner, it hasn’t changed since the 70’s. Doesnt it look like the set of a horror movie?

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Farmer Beth

Thanks for taking us along on your Treehouse field trip! Makes me want to check them out. You look terrific.

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Love that tunic!

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Laura tagged this Treehouse of Horror

I like to wear tunics and too-short dresses over longer dresses. Nice look with the headscarf and also, those SHOES omg!

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treehouse brooklyn

looking good! real good! and always a pleasure! 😉
kisses from the branches,
and reaching for the stars,
sirius* treehouse

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scary. tagged this <3.


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