Friday, August 20th

Day 20

rusted rooftop

Location and shoelessnesszzz was on request of the designer for todayz accessory. It’s a prototype for an organic cotton menswear collection from Bóas Kristjánsson’s label 8045. I like the concept he has for a menswear line that women buy and wear themselves, everything should be unisex!


vee tagged this Hot

i love the pink sweater!

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Unisex?

I’m just imaging my husband in that cardigan…

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Mae tagged this Cute

love the third pic especially

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Farmer Beth tagged this Stunning

Yes, that third pic is a stunner. I’m thinking in a previous life perhaps you modeled for Waterhouse or his contemporaries? The sweater is lovely, too. I like a movement toward more unisex styling.

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stina tagged this Cute

love the cardigan!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Oh, and. . .

. . .let me be the first to say the roof-hair color action going on there is absolutely amazing!

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Claire tagged this Try Harder

Why do you always put multiple z’s instead of s’s? It’s very irratating…

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noa tagged this the floor looks suuuuuuper slanted…

i love the sweater thingy, it is really pretty in terms of colors… and i also like the shape. so that means that i like the whole thing. right?

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Lovely. This long line look is great. What would a short neat jacket look like? Like a bolero or channel jacket. I am going to make a dress like this one. Have fun

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emmerelda tagged this Feel the earth under your feet

Go bare feet!!! Also, I love the idea of fashion not being hindered by what each gender is expecting by society to wear.

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@Claire ZZZZZZ are a good thing. They add pizzazz, and I enjoy them. So stop ruining my fun.

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holly tagged this cat on a rusty tin roof

beautiful photos, I love a redhead in pink – breaks all the rules!

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miimii tagged this Cute

love the shoeelezznezzz but im not really feeling the sweater too much ( i never really like yellow & pink together) also i really like the accessories especially the pearl bracelet

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Célèste tagged this Try Harder

I would really like to see outfits that incorporate more than one accessory (or two if you’re feeling adventurous). It seems like you aren’t that enthusiastic about getting creative with your outfits, and, frankly, I’m bored.

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Lyndranette tagged this Stunning

love the sweater its so beautiful. your red hair always looked stunning to me in this pic…wow.

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Kellz tagged this Boring

you have been playing it safe. And honestly I think you could add some more accessories to it. And I agree with Celeste

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Payal tagged this Cute

It’s funny how feminine a men’s cardi can look when you want it to. Love it!

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katehal tagged this punchy

great sweater! i like the combo.

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