Tuesday, January 18th

Day 18

Naked In New York

Wardrobe crisis 5000! Picture this, I’m walking down my stoop in these fabulous patent leather boots. get to the last step, lose my footing, do a semi-interpretive dance trying to maintain balance on the sidewalk with rainbow umbrella open. It’s probably somewhere on YouTube at this point… Go back upstairs to collect duck boots for the Subway Walk. Problem solved.

Trotting to the 1 train from the L, jamming to African tunes as usual, suddenly internal dialogue ensues “why does my skirt feel so loose?!” Turns out the zipper unzipped!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhk. But not in a normal, easily fixable way, especially in public. Was in the Edelweiss grey coat from Day 5, not the longest one. Anyway, short story long I got to the office, ducked into the salle de bain, and fixed the ish. Relief! But now I’m shuffling round the office like I have a hobble skirt on, (insert your own analogy here).

This is not the first wardrobe crisis I’ve had and it probably won’t be the last. But they are so very traumatizing every. single. time.

Does anybody feel me? xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD skirt worn proper, top zip front. vintage Pierre Cardin boy’s blazer donated by eBay Green. Monocle. Vintage skinny tie.



Eeep – that’s embarrassing. Good thing everyone was probably too dazzled by your monocle to notice! Love the tie, love the blazer. Aren’t you just the cutest! 🙂

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all’s well that ends well. you look super like this

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Classy once again. Today blue & gold for your Color splash.

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This outfit rocks!

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love it!

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Jessica, ungeschickt (clumsy)? Unimaginable, liebchen! Another lovely outfit.

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Payal tagged this Now I get Wasabipear. You’re hot and delish.

You look so good today, I feel like crying! And using those monocles to exaggerate the joy. Lurve it! Haha I’ve had my zipper come loose once. Traumatising, it is. Especially when someone sees it a second before you feel it. I feel you!

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That last pic is awesome! Love the outfit-it looks like a school uniform of the best kind of school.

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Yup, I’ve had a similar incident with buttons in a very public setting. Oy. But you look terrific as always. Like you’re applying to Hogwarts or something.

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too. much!

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Zipper on boots broke, got zipper fixed, zipper broke THE NEXT time I wore them, I had studio all day, so I found some old bike tubes, cut them into strips and wrapped them all around my calves to keep the leather up…and it worked! But…I was bummed that my boots were kaput.

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Haven’t we all had these embarrassing wardrobe incidents – makes you wonder why we take it all so personally, but we do.
Like todays combo – playful and chic!

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love the tights. textured?

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Cool outfit, very much school girl uniform Love your look in the first pic. Funny story, I know, just for the watcher, but very funny!

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i often have these types of incidents. For example: yesterday I wore a skirt which refused to stay down in the wind. combined with my oldest, pinkest polka dotted knickers- i feel you pain. you look amazing! loving the blazer.

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yes, these tights first of all are amazing because i’ve owned them since probably 2007. they are real metallic, so they have strands of gold something or other in them which does create texture.

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I realized in yoga class yesterday that my new lovely top works it way further down as I move – meaning I was showing an indecent amount of cleavage! Namaste says my chest.

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Love it! Cute school style.

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