Monday, January 17th

Day 17

Main Street Attire

I’m back on the bus after a truly epic 24 hour adventure! North Hampton is an absolutely idyllic town, perfectly pristine icicles hung off every roof. Last night we watched the game while eating the best *made from scratch* pizza I’ve ever experienced. Food coma. And guess what, a girl that I met on the bus was among the friends of friends. How crazy awesome is that?!?!

I took a lil advice from MLK this weekend and met my physical force with soul force and it sure felt good. Nothin like facing the week head on after a weekend like that!

Thanks KM for being the host with the most, til we meet again… xx.wasabipear

***Today’s outfit: LBD worn zip front and over the shoulders. Hartefactos salamander tie. LL Bean duck hunters donated by eBay Green.


Sue tagged this Thermometer dipping?

I love your style! Just one little nitpick. When the weather is this cold, I try not to crank the heat up, and that means dressing warmly. The UP outfits (including Sheena’s as well) always have more bare skin than seems logical in a cold climate. Fashion should be sustainable — but that indoor heat leaves a big old carbon footprint. I’d love to see some true winter outfits.

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Tati tagged this AWESOME

This salamander tie is AWESOME! You rock, Jessie.

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wasabipear tagged this @Sue

true Sue, I suppose the only little problem with real outdoor attire is that usually my coats totally cover up the LBD, but I’ll def keep your advice in mind and see what I can do to show a bit more layering. also, in terms of thermometer, my office is about 100 degrees literally… !

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Farmer Beth

I really like that shirt underneath the top, and the green socks.

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What I love about your style is that it’s so much fun. It’s fresh and happy! I’ve been a fan of the Salamander tie since Sheena’s year…love it!

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Ruby tagged this Northwest!

That’s a winter outfit in my book, but then again I live in Portland. Weather is an ever present factor that we must deal with when getting dressed and here, that weather, IS RAIN. I’m all about utility shoes paired with a cute ensemble a) because its so unexpected and b) because who can afford to ruin shoes year after year? Girl, you’d fit right in up here! I have two pairs of duck boots!

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Julia tagged this great

I love Northampton! I used to live there and still miss the dive bars and Green Bean. Sweet boots lady!

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Love the green top! And I often asked me the same question. Are these girls not freezing cold in their little outfits? Over the winter in Germany we had temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius (= 5 degrees Fahrenheit). It was freezing and I wore layer over layer and especially shirts tucked in the pants. Totally not beautiful, a little bit stuffy, but at least warm. But I think, the temperature in NY must be more modest. Isn’t it so?

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