Tuesday, August 17th

Day 17

cozzzy mohair

Today is another Sputnik day, donations from the Icelandic vintage store. I notice the word cozy has been coming up a lot in the comments, and since I can’t think of a better word for this vintage mohair sweater, I am hoping this trend continueszzz. The shoes are also from Sputnik and of course they are sparkly, what better shoes to go with my pink stockingzzzzzz.

I hope you guys are excited for this month to end, not because your sick of me or anything like that, oh no way(!) but because Sputnik has donated some awesome pieces for the U.P auction (which will happen sometime down the line)… yeah we are trying to raise money here incase you’ve forgotten! Oh and I hope you noticed the background, it’s a scientifically proven fact that people look a trillion times cooler when they are posing in front of a wall with graffiti on it…


noa tagged this the sweater looks a bit like my dog (but i like it)

oh my god, you’re right about that scientific fact… you already look ridiculously awesome, but the graffiti just blows everything else out of the water 🙂 lovely!! oh, p.s. super excited about the accessories auction. it will be cool to have accessories from a bunch of different lbd wearers…

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KoCo tagged this Leg-licious

Wowwww, this outfit is fantastic, what a great number to follow up yesterday’s with! In that fourth shot, you look like you’re on the runway. Work it, girl!

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BKK tagged this Brave

Wow! Fantastic, I”m thinking about how to wear this style in my office tomorrow! Anyway I love it so..o…o much.

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Betty Anne tagged this Hot

Mohair and graffiti? Who’d have thought it’d be an awesome combo? This just rocks so hard. I love the sparkly shoes – they go great against the silver on the wall. What a great outfit, and a great set of shots! Fantastic way to be both hot and cozy at the same time! <3

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Lyndranette tagged this Cute

love the tights! keep up the good work. 🙂


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Claire tagged this Cute

beautiful (:

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wasabipear tagged this gorg

the walls are just cooler in Iceland.

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rosie tagged this Hot

LOVE it. i totally want to get that sweater and sleep with it forever. the outfit looks comfy, and casual, and the neon stockings takes that outfit from ordinary to totally fun. reminds me of the 80s! goodtimes!!

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pooplovr tagged this <3

you are hilarios! marry me!

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elisabeth tagged this Brave

it looks chilly over there – you should put the sweater over your shoulders… Keep warm!

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$$$ tagged this Brave

So many happy comments, but the donations aren’t going up nearly fast enough. Lets try to reach $1000 by end of this week, everyone! School starts next month.

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Payal tagged this Case in point

From now on, I’ll only photograph in front of a wall with graffiti on it.

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pooplovr tagged this word

@$$$ totali agreeeeee~!

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anonymous tagged this non ispirational

wan some donations? how about stepping up to the plate? people love the UP becuase it was inspiring – looking at you I am thinking get me the sissors and put me out of nmy misery (wanna kill the dress..)

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Olivia tagged this Interesting

contradistinctive ( speaking right from the dictionary) I would say! Very creative indeed you creative entertaining redhead!

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Amoniel tagged this Yum

Oh my, that sweater looks positively delicious!

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dixied tagged this om target for cozy

love that sweater and the tights are dynamite

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