Sunday, August 15th

Day 15

feeling fancy

The white top and shoes are my mother’s, I don’t own any white, because I could never keep it that way. None the less for the fun of dressing up I’m wearing white today! I folded up the bottom of the dress and am wearing a vintage floral moomoo as a skirt underneath. I have accompanied my regular bun with what my sister refers to as a “beauticorn”. A beauticorn is basically a small bun all the way at the front of the hairline, above the forehead, it is supposed to be like the horn of a unicorn and because it’s beautiful and isn’t exactly a horn it is called a beauticorn…


mono tagged this Brave

love your crazy hairstyle!!

A long time ago

Clare tagged this Hot

Love, Love this outfit. How did you gather the skirt that way? I would never have put black with a floral but it works. I will try it next time. Keep up the fab work

A long time ago

Miss Kris tagged this Brave

I love the uni-bun. But, I’m calling it the NARWHAL bun. (google it)

A long time ago

ina tagged this Brave

Nice secret-garden-meets-the-queen. fun!

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noa tagged this colorslpash

the pop of color at the bottom half of the outfit is like, woah! just a boring old fancyish outfit (except for the beauticorn, of course) until you get to the halfway point and then– bam! wow… i <3 this :)

A long time ago

Tara tagged this Cute

I love this look I love those shoes I love your hair! White is really tricky, but looks so good with the black dress and the floral. SO GOOD!

A long time ago

Betty Anne tagged this Brave

I love the way the black makes the floral skirt POP – amazing! Also love the beauticorn – I used to do that with my bangs and got picked on for it. XD Great outfit!

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What fun. The white jacket will look great with the black dress or rompers as well. The skirt is devine.

A long time ago

christine tagged this flower power

the creativity of the dress is great. digging the confidence required to pull of all of these elements…

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elisabeth tagged this Hot

Oh! I love this! wonderful…. all of it!

A long time ago

Farmer Beth tagged this Cute

Yeah, I’d ruin those shoes in less than a minute, I’m afraid. But they sure are sweet. I suppose if I could perfect the art of hovering slightly, just a few inches off the ground. . .

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Payal tagged this Cute

You are as cute as a button! At 17, when most girls want to fit in and be ‘in vogue’, you’re breaking all barriers to stand out and shine. You’re awesome, India! I wasn’t able to comment on the last 2 days, but oh…my…god…you’re stunning!

A long time ago

eline tagged this superawesome

This is pretty damn rad!

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kimberly tagged this Cute

i looove the white and the black together. and beauticorn..that’s adorable!! 🙂

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beforetoday tagged this Brave

Love the shoes, but how in the world are you getting the mumu to stay up?

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