Thursday, February 10th

Day 10

It's 6:30 in tha mornin...

…. Still havent slept a wink since yesterday. To (wo)man up to this raw uphill battle I needed something special, something tough… Thanks to Classic Girl Vintage on Etsy for donating The Betty Boop Jacket, It is giving me the strength or at least the attitude.

As Fashion week sucks the last life out of Mackswell and I, we brush our shoulders off and snarl! We are excited to be done with all this sample making and give 200% of our energy to the real hustle… Raising $5000 to help City Harvest end hunger in NYC. Specifically, help a classroom of kindergartners learn good eating habits in a yearlong after school program and have access to healthy foods. There are many problems that need solving in this world, but I think sometimes we overlook the hardships people are going through in our own immediate communities. As more families slip below the poverty line, food insecurity has become an even more widespread dilemma in the US. 1.5 million New yorkers are unsure where their next meal will come from. It’s understandably tough to worry about nutritional value when you cant afford much. Please consider making a donation >

Sweet betty boop jacket from classic girl vintage, LBD worn as a shirt.


Melanie tagged this just doin’ the do

You look casual and comfortable. Comfort to me is so important when it comes to style. You can’t be yourself unless you feel good in what you wear. I LOVE the boots and the coat is très adorable. I have to say I really admire the cause you’ve taken on. Teaching kids about healthy food & good nutrition might just save their lives because food really does effect your heath. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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Farmer Beth tagged this Hear! Hear!

I agree with Melanie. Good nutrition and teaching healthy eating habits–great cause. And you look fantastic, as always. Take on the world. And the skyline is a terrific backdrop.

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Love this look. Looks more like you. Hope you get some sleep soon

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Stephanie @ Classic Girl Vintage

I love what you’ve put together using the Betty Boop jacket! I am so glad that I was able to donate to such a great cause. You are an inspiration!


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Ashe tagged this Professional coolness

You totally rock in this outfit! Though no sleep you look great and cool.

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emmerelda tagged this Boop-tastic!

Damn, girl. Love look and your cause. Keep going where you’re headed!

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Ruby tagged this Oh hell yes.

I feeeeeeel you on power outfits gurl. After pulling all-nighters, you gotta look fly to keep things going the next day. I usually go for sequins, animal print or cowboy boots to keep me sassy. I seriously love picture number 2. Get it.

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Volumes of props for your cause.

The LBD as a shirt is really funky – I’d love to see it w/o a jacket and some truly unbelievable hat. Do you take requests?

One more question – are your glasses heavy?

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glasses tagged this brooklyn

@SarahO – of course they’re heavy, they’re made of irony

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Jackie tagged this All the fellas wantcha

Freshest jacket, freshest cause. Go get it, grrrl!

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I really love that your LBD is so versatile. It’s good to be able to step out of dress/skirt mode when you please. This outfit is fab!

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i tagged this zing!


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