Thursday, September 9th

Day 9

Happy (Jewish) New Year!

Okay, so in these pictures my hair is still wet because I’m in a bit of a rush this morning. Please excuse the mess! I’ve been into blowing my hair out a’la Tami Taylor lately (Friday Night Lights) which takes a minute but I assure you it will look much better. It’s bit brisk this morning and I’m going to be out all day on this job thingy and then I have to go to Long Island to bring in the Jewish new year with my family. I thought the button down shirt underneath the dress looked pretty smart. Not sure what shoes to go with yet. To be honest, I’m not really wanting to wear the dress today. It feels bulky. Judi is trying to work it out in a new material but in the meantime I’m still wearing this thick-ass denim that is starting to feel like a burlap sack. I don’t want this to deter you from loving the dress, because it is awesome. But you know, every day in this material… I’d be lying if I said that every day I did it with a huge smile. When you order the dress for yourself I think it will be in the other material. Okay, I have to run to Duane Reade and then Kinkos and then work and then Long Island. Talk later. xox


summer tagged this Cute

i like the shirt underneath! and the brown shoes look nice. i’m looking forward to seeing this dress in a lighter fabric. it has such a gorgeous shape, i’d love for it to be more wearable.

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amelie tagged this Cute

Shana tova and keep up the great work – looking forward to the redesigned dress.

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anonymous tagged this Woohoo!

Before silly people start harassing just because they can- I shall say that I think that you (and the other Pilot’s and UP in general) and what you are doing is wonderful. I especially appreciate your honesty. It isn’t easy- and that is why none of us are doing it!
Have a lovely day today. You look wonderful- I quite like the Chucks. They seem quite you.
With love from New Zealand.


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Anneka tagged this Cute

Shana tova ometukah! looks good, can’t wiat for the revamp – will me much more versatile 🙂

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Payal tagged this Super cool!

Oh man I wish I was wearing that! And when you look so good you need to be comfy, so I hope your comfortable version arrives soon. I hope you went with the sneakers. Love the look! Happy new year!

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holly tagged this go the sneakers

and it’s the end of ramadan today, lots of people celebrating the world over.

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Tati tagged this brown shoes

Happy new year!

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Ashe tagged this Vote for brown shoes

I usually love cons but with this outfit and for a job thingy I think the brown shoes are the better choice.
I also think it’s brave of you to share how uncomfortable you feel in the dress sometimes. I’d feel the same way and I don’t think I’d have enough ideas to reinvent the same dress every day just for 1 week. And I think you’re doing a great job. So be proud and have faith in yourself. 🙂

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mizlindzy tagged this Cute

The sneakers are nice with the dress. Also, I would pair it with knee-high (violet?) socks and some black brogues.
Hope youl’ll get soon the more comfy version of the dress, because it’s very versatile!
Happy New Year !

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Clare tagged this Cute

I love your honesty about this whole project. For my part I have sworn off buying any new clothes for a year and I am beginning to hate my choices. It must be so hard to know you are wearing the same thing everyday. Keep on trucking!

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Demi tagged this Cute

I wouldn’t have predicted that a button-down would look so nice under the dress but it looks great. I love the shoe pic you posted – that’s me just about every morning. Only I wake my partner up to ask which she thinks I should wear. 🙂

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Bonnie tagged this Brave

I appreciate your candor and your honesty. I think this challenge proves how difficult it is to reinvent the same article of clothing everyday and the fact that you have taken this on is very brave. Keep it up, you’re doing great! 😉

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KoCo tagged this Smart

Brown shoes, def. I love how in certain photos (the seated shot today, or the seated shot in the coral dress) you look like you’re posing for a classical portrait.

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wasabipear tagged this pro vs.

i’m with @ashe, all for cons but the brown shoes look smart.

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scary. tagged this cons.

i always find cons more interesting. cos if ya can make something work with them.. then you’re just gold aren’t ya.

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ZS tagged this nice shirt

I enjoy looking at your daily variations of the LBD, though your written posts are getting negative by the day

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Farmer Beth tagged this Happy New Year!

No, I don’t think those comments are negative. They’re honest. I like that you wear the dress candidly. Not only are you doing the UP experiment, you’re truly taking the dress for a test drive. Good to tweak.

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Farmer Beth tagged this What I meant was. . .

that I didn’t think YOUR comments were negative, just honest.

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Tara tagged this Hot

Shana tova lady. Keep up the good work!

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happy new year! (and i like the converse) what material is it going to be?

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i like your bracelets :p

anyways, you’ve enriched my life with your column in vice in the past and with your blog in the present -so i’s gonna hook ya up:) thanks!

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