Tuesday, September 28th

Day 28

Haircut 100

I got a haircut today! It feels so awesome. I know I’ll miss my long hair but whatever, it will grow back. This cut feels great and I also feel about 12 years younger. I keep joking that with my long hair I looked like the mom from “Six Feet Under.” I just felt like I looked really old, as old as the vintage dress I’m wearing today. It’s all torn up and pretty unwearable but underneath my uniform dress you can’t even tell. It was a gift from Judi Rosen. The boots of course are from ebay and my new favorite accessory: red lips! Well that and my new haircut.

Last few days to donate. Here’s an interview I did with Phoenix House on Fashion, Fundraising and Recovery >


Sarah from Australia tagged this Batty

Wow first comment. I loove this, that dress looks really nice, could it be mended? Good that you can still wear it with the uniform though.

You are doing great and i am now following your blog and loving it!

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elle39 tagged this omygodthatissooooCUTE!!!

i love this outfit and i agree that the dress does look really nice! you’ve done a great job with the project! keep it up for the last few days!

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Robin tagged this Hot

Love the haircut. You look great. You have been a great pilot. Loved all the looks.

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BDM tagged this Risky

I think this outfit is great. THe boots add in the odd detail that, although it doesn’t match exactly, it still looks good. The blue dress underneath looks great, I’m just nervous that it may look better on it’s own. The fabric of the uniform doesn’t compliment the fabric of the blue dress very well. The bracelets on your wrist also don’t match the dress too well.

Still, points for effort. 😀

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Ann tagged this Try Harder

Ridiculous “outfit” — makes no sense — not creative, a waste of time pulling up this site for most of the month.

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Tara tagged this Hot

LOVE LOVE LOVE! You look amazing with that haircut, nice change for Fall weather!

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@Ann: If you don’t like it, don’t look…. Too bad you feel the need to slam rather than encourage efforts.

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noa tagged this tough but delicate supergirl (w/ red lips)

you look even prettier with that new haircut– even though i liked your old one too. your look soooooo much more confident than the first few days of this month, go lesley!!

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Somebody’s Mama tagged this I think you are tired of this challenge.

Best accessories: new haircut and red lips. You don’t really need anything else to accessorize if you are rocking those.

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I’m gonna miss your style when the month is over, Lesley!

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T.I. tagged this Cute

Nevermind what hatas say, ignore ’em till they fade away…

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laks tagged this Cute

guys, don’t forget to donate to a great cause

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I’m SO lovin’ the cool/frumpy vintage dress with motorcycle boots! That is one of my own signature looks so it’s only natural that I love that you’re rockin’ it!! Great haircut and yes, definitely stick with the red lipstick. You’re inspired me to take out mine and give it another go! 🙂

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Brave

Great outfit. The long hair suietd you really well, so brave move chopping off the hair. I think chopping it off a couple more inches + maybe some bangs would suit you even better.

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sally tagged this me not likey

your hair cut is super nice, the red lips too, and your face just too cute. i’ve liked a lot of your out fits, but this is like annie goes hole but not in a good way.

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Sambre tagged this Hot

Love the new hairecut! I did the same some time ago and never went back; just kept going shorter and shorter! @All who are not satisfied: I think we must acknowledge that Les had had the most difficult dress to work with so far; I mean, you cannot wear it opened or closed, longer or shorter, and you cannot wear anything on top of it without hiding the most interesting part. You did a great job, Lesley! I will donate.

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Sarah tagged this yawn (again)

only two days and the new month starts, I’m glad, this is just not inspiring.

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Cindy tagged this not my cup of tea

Uuh what were you thinking, dear? Your new haricut is not flattering. Maybe a short bob? And I don’t know if anybody else noticed this: you can’t take a good picture at all, it was really not enjoyable to visit this site this month, but I hope you learned something and raised a little money for your good cause. So good luck for your next project.

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Soumaya tagged this Something blue

You look lovely with your new hair cut -it ads a stylish edge to your look – I love your take on fashion, unfussy, ready-to-go…I loved you from the start at then it I thought you weren’t investing your 100% in the project and then you took it on and you came back with different ways of doing LBD, always fun, always , arty, always unfussy..I am going to miss seeing you Lesly Arfin

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Jessica tagged this Batty

Love the new haircut!

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RR tagged this Hot

@Sambre, you pose a good point! from what i saw in the other two examples, the dresses were rather versatile. It’s really a great looking dress, and due to the circumstances I still think Lesley did a fantastic job with her choice of outfits.

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That dress is lovely, but with the black dress it just doesn’t make sense. I have a feeling you’re looking forward to not wearing the uniform anymore.

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