Thursday, August 26th

Day 26


I hope everyone doesn’t feel wearing only the top of the dress has been cheating but just incase, I am back in the dress and ha, with a cheetah long sleeve dress underneath. It’s vintage from this place Monk in south parkslope, the shoes are also vintage platforms. Just a few days to hurricane Katrina’s 5 year anniversary, please continue to donate to the school!


Farmer Beth tagged this Fierce

You are so brave in your style. I winced when you cut the dress, but now you’ve added that element to what you are doing here: repurposing fashion to meet your own personal needs and tastes. Well done. All the same, it’s nice to see what you do with The Dress again, after seeing what you did with The Top. Eager to see The Skirt.

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Mary tagged this Creative

I really like the way this outfit looks — the colors go really nicely with your hair. It’s also giving me ideas for what I could do with my own clothes. You may be a cheetah today, but you’re not a “cheatah.” 🙂

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KoCo tagged this Try Harder

Being imaginative isn’t cheating. This dress is your design, and if you’d designed it to be a two-piece ensemble no one would have a second thought. That’s the beauty of sustainable fashion: it can become whatever you’d like it to be. Not feeling the outfit today, but keep doing what you do!

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Tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE THIS! You look awesome today! And nice job on the fundraising… but you can always use more!

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holly tagged this welcome back

the dress makes a welcome return! excellent layering, the last photo makes you look very regal

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Just yummy

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Ashe tagged this City jungle

I admit, I first considered you to be a cheater by cutting the dress in half and make your 1 month challenge easier. But then I thought, that behind this there is the original thought of repurposing fashion and it is really creative. I mean, if I’d have cut the dress, I’d have probably destroyed it. You got two new pieces out of it and I like it. 🙂

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emmerelda tagged this Brave

Sweet! and that cheetah dress looks really comfy, too.

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Hannah tagged this Brave

I love how your dress cutting was controversial and fabulous at the same time, just how fashion should be!

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india, you didnt cheat by cutting it. you were still wearing it!! and for everyone who says you did, forget about them. they’re just looking for something to criticize you about. you’re gorgeous and you did DIY fashion with the dress.

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noa tagged this you’re no cheater!

i don’t know how much i love the cheetah (or is it tiger? because i think cheetahs have spots…) dress, but the way you wear it, it doesn’t really matter what i think of it, because it’s clear that you know you look awesome. that is a great quality!!!

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