Saturday, October 23rd

Day 23

Lazy afternoon

Last night was one hell of a whirl wind. Right after i wrapped up at the studio it was straight to dinner at the Roosevelt. Dinner was great and for a great cause… what was probably a bad idea was the open bar! By the time the club opened up to the public all of us who were there for the dinner were well oiled up and ready to dance Friday night away. The Blonds showed a few of their pieces last night as well and there was a black jewel encrusted corset that was to die for! They were such nice guys – we danced and laughed and talked shop ended up shutting down a friend’s bar on the east end.

Now it’s Saturday and i’m this close to having icecream for breakfast! I’m rocking another vintage sweater, tights and my super comfy vintage suede color block boots. I’ll probably spend most of the day bumming around and if i can drudge up the energy i might just have a repeat of last night.



love those boots and the sweater. looks warm!

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Cool sweater, I like the pattern on it. 🙂

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What I love about all your sweaters (which I’ve read other people “complaining” about) is that you’re effectively showcasing how what is essentially a summer dress can cross the seasons with style! Also, even though it’s a simple morning-after type of outfit, this one might be my favorite. It looks so comfy and cozy & makes me wish I lived in the North!

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I LOVE those boots!!!

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Ruby tagged this comfy as hell

I don’t care what people say about your sweaters. I would wear all of them myself. In 4 years time they’ll be wearing sweaters like this and you’ll be on to the next thing.

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noa tagged this the dress still fits into the outfit even though it’s not all visible

that sweater i loooove!!!! you have been doing such a great job squeezing u.p. unto your already busy life, and it’s paying off!!! you are going to make such a difference in the lives of the children you’re helping!!!!! 3 cheers for isis!!!

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urgood tagged this Inspiring

Thanks for the link to Juma on the 21st. They have some interesting pieces. Some of the dresses looked like they could be used in the same versatile way as the UP dresses, I thought. But I’ll donate some money here, first, before thinking about buying more clothes. Got to keep in mind the multiple goals of the Project, right?

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your taste in clothes sucks but good marks for raising money fo charity – though if this really mattered to you and wasn’t juz an excercise in self-promotion you would put your money where your mouth is just as Sheena did and donate of your own money- you’re a singer..right? so why don’t you donate yourself?

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Namura tagged this Hideous!

Where is the LBD and what’s with the panto boots?

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it does bug me that we neer get to see the dress!!!

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foxit tagged this you’re it!

awesome swagger!!!!

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@mgs under the sweater!!!!! doh!

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Winter tagged this Cozy

enjoying all your fun styles! i want to hate on the haters who don’t understand it’s too cold to show the whole dress, but we know you’re tough! could you find time for a pre-sweater pic indoors before the fun, full-style pic outdoors? if we asked nicely? please? love your effort & attitude! can’t wait for halloween!!!

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@simpleton those who cannot hate cannot love

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